Written by Pistolpete

24 Dec 2016

When I was young and on the dating scene I was going out with this girl called Monica and we dated a few months but never slept together as I knew I was her first real boyfriend. She told me other guys she went out with only got to second base ie... playing with her fab boobs and wanking 2 of them but never had sex with anyone and was saving herself for her wedding night being a good catholic girl.

We got on really great and she was a great kisser and one day she was sunbathing with me at my place and wore this black bikini with the strings on the side. We lay in the sun for ages and I offered to rub sun cream on her back and legs and she allowed me and then she did the same to me. We teased each other as the day went on and I was getting very horny whenever I touched her. She would flaunt her great tits and ass while walking around and drinking wine.

The evening came and we went inside and I told her she was a tease and she just smiled. I suggested I put on after-sun on her back or she would burn or her skin would peel in a few days. I was still wearing my tight swimwear and she was still in her sexy bikini and she suggested she do the same to me. She went first and did my back and then sat on the couch as she did the back of my things and calf’s. I was now getting very erect in my swimsuit and I turned around and asked her to do my front and she massaged cream onto my thighs and my erection was only inches away from her face.

Then it was her turn, so I stood her at the kitchen table, glass of wine in her hand and her back to me and I put cream on her shoulders and then down her back and I could feel she was enjoying my hands on her body. Then I opened the string of her bikini top and massaged down her back and then down her thighs and really massaged her. She opened her legs slightly and I ran my hand between her thighs avoiding her pussy, which I could smell was in heat.

Then I told her to turn around, her long hair covering her boobs as well as the open bikini just hanging from her neck. I did her shoulders on the front and looked deeply into her eyes and she looked into mine but not a word was said. Then I put cream on her breasts and loved them in my hands and her nipples were like rocks. I then dropped to my knees and massaged her small belly and then down her thighs and again I could smell her pussy, I knew she was turned on as I was. Then I looked up into her eyes and planted a nice gentle kiss on her pussy on top of her bikini bottoms as I placed my hands on her soft ass. She moaned and so I rested my mouth back to her pussy and kept kissing it and she ran her hands through my hair and as I looked up I could see her great tits and she pressed my face into her pussy.

Then I stood up, kissed her gently on the lips and she responded to my lips as I pressed my throbbing cock into her groin. I then took her hand and placed it on my crotch and whispered in her ear “Babe, please massage him” and she did so for a few minutes. Then I whispered to her “let him out” and she pulled down my swimsuit and released my 8”cock and slowly wanked me. I then whispered “ rub him against your pussy” and she did and we kissed again. Then I kissed her nipples which she loved and bit them gently and sucked them as she continued to rub my cock over her pussy. I then turned her around and ran my hands over her body in a very masculine way and over her soft ass. I pressed my cock between her thighs again and up and down her pussy and she started to moan again and I kissed her neck, cupped her tits and gyrated my cock over her bikini. I then whispered to her “ would you like to feel my cock over your clit?” and she put her hands down, opened the strings of her bikini, it fell to the floor and I rubbed the head of my cock over her clit and she moaned more.

Then I bent her over the table, put my cock over her pussy hole and pouting lips and didn’t try to force it in, but tease her until she could take no more. She opened her legs wider and moaned as I slipped the head of my cock in and out and she was on fire. She wiggled her ass against the head of my cock and then I slipped more into her pussy and took it out. Then I slipped in more of it and broke her hymen and she gasped and pushed her pussy onto my cock and I slipped in more until I was home. I didn’t fuck her yet as I wanted her to get use to it inside her and then I slowly started to fuck her gently and she was loving it. I took out my cock, turned her around and lay her on the table so I could see her beautiful wet pussy and then I slipped my cock back into her as I looked into her eyes and she stared at me in shock and surprise as she enjoyed my gentle fucking. She was very tight and my cock loved it. I kissed her tits and grabbed her ass and then started to fuck her with passion until I could feel my orgasm coming.

I took out my cock, sat her on the couch again, told her to open her mouth and I put my cock inside her mouth and told her to suck. I knew she didn’t want to get pregnant and this is why I changed positions and she could sure suck cock. I was really surprised at how good she was. I told her I was cumming and she massaged my balls and then I held her head and shot a full load into her eager mouth. She looked up at me and swallowed every drop I had and licked me clean.

Then I carried her to my bed and went down on her pussy and ate her out till she had her first orgasm and she came and came and showed me her hidden passion as she kissed me on the mouth and held onto me as her body enjoyed the ecstasy I had given her with my mouth.

We had dinner together and drank more wine and I got some condoms ready for a late evening session in bed.

I fucked her, with my condom on, in every position I could think of and she had another 3 orgasms during the night and I only came once again.

Her favourite position is on top of the spin dryer or kitchen table and we stayed together for 2 years but drifted apart as she wanted to get married but I didn’t as I thought we were just too young.

Funny enough I met her 20 years later, she married a nice guy and had a few kids, and I seduced her again at my place and she was wild in bed and was very experienced in blow jobs and kinky sex. She told me she would never forget the night I took her virginity and I told her neither would I.