Written by laverda

27 Feb 2010

before christmas debs met john in a pub while she was out with her girl friends , john and her self ended up going to his car and she having a wounderful time , they must have swopped phone numbers as for the last few months texts have been going over and back .... i didnt know about this until i was asked :would i have a problem with her meeting john again : we sat down and chatted about meeting john it was then i was told about the txt, . debs told me how he made her feel , how mutch he turned her on from the txts and the memories she had of his 9/10 inch cock ,, I agreed she could have her wicked way with him , debs got so excited she found it hard to contain herself , she started making arrangements to meet him , she didnt want to do it in a car again ,, she tought of a hotel guesthouse ect ,I suggested why dont u bring him here (which is our home)after a few drinks in town, debs asked would i mind ,,not at all my love i told her ,, debs and john txt and talked all week, never seen her as turned on before ,at night i would toutch her nipples and feel her pussey and my hard cock would have to do with a wank ,she would be all wet and hot but i wouldnt fuck her or give her a orgasm , they debs and john had organised to meet on friday at 2oc in the after noon . I would be at work and they would have the whole afternoon fucking together friday was comming around and i had been thinking /// on thursday evening i started setting up a home security camera in our bedroom so i could see the action for my self ,, debs woundered what was i at ,,, i told her i would love to see her enjoying her self and to watch her take her lovers 10 inch cock ,,,,, to my surprise debs suggested i stay in the other room while she fucked john so i could see her on tv and hear her moan with the pleasure she was getting from this huge cock , . I came home from work at lunch time friday helped debs get dressed for her lover, she wore so little her large tits needed a bra no nickers a short rap around black dress high heels , she looked great ordered a taxi to take her to town , while we waited i opened her legs and licked her pussey she was so turned on , taxi arrived off she went , i hid my car down the road and waited for her txt , the suspence was killing me ,had never done anything like this before i was shaking ,, with excitment and curisity and pleasure ,, he not knowing i being in the next room and he fucking my beautiful girlfriend and she knowing im listening and watching her ,. a hour had passed ,have they met ? how are they getting on ? whats happening ? all is ready here at the house for them ...... beep beep ,,a txt (we are leaving hon ) ,, is what it said , After about 10 min i could hear a car outside the door opened and i could hear voices and giggling and debs saying wait u can have me in a minute ,they were downstairs about 5 min then i could hear them cumming up stairs , the footsteps the giggling , i heard them pass the room i was in then i saw them on camre as they entered the bedroom ,wow debs dress was open she looked great , deb was feeling johns cock over his pants , he let her dress fall to the ground and she was opening his pants , she pulls it down and his cock is free it is big debs started to stroke it while they kissed , cock was cumming to full erectness it was huge in her hand , her bra was off , she was naked he lid her on the bed and started nudging his cock in between her legs , it was lovely to watch , debs was moaning as he pushed it in deeper and deeper , then he started to fuck her, his rythm was getting faster ,her moans getting louder , the expression on her face she was in extesy , her tits were wabbling all over the place ,she was in heaven , she started to say fuck me harder im cumming when she reached a huge orgasm , john slowed down she was floating on air , i dont think i have ever had debs on that cloud ever before ,john pulls out while debs regains consensious, i could hear her say that was way better than in the car , john had lid down next to her debs leaned over and started sucking his beautiful cock its only then i could see the full length and size of the object that was giving my lady the utmost pleasure she desired , debs sucked it and sucked it only half would fit in her mouth ,, the expression on his face was pleasure she kept sucking until he exploded in her mouth and debs swallowed most of his cum ,, i thought to my self that i will be kissing that horney lagy and i will taste his cum from my debs lips ,he had just been drained and they both layed back in the bed and started chatting , debs was asked did i mind her having fun like this , she said that i liked her to enjoying her sexuality , she was asked what time i would be home at , debs told him that she would txt me when he had left ,he told her he had never met anyone like her and she had a very understanding guy in her life , they started kissing and he started getting hard again debs got on top and started fucking again it was lovely seeing his cock going in and out of debs the size of it and she loved it , they fucked in every possision , debs used to smile at the camera (she knew where it was)they fucked for four hours john had cum in debs pussey twice, his cum was oousing out of her ,,,at around 7.30 that evening debs walked john to the door ,,once the door closed debs come straight up stairs i lid her down on the bed and went straight to her pussey , i love creampie and licked ate and devoured debs creampie it turnrd her on watching me eat her pussey , i wanted to fuck her but she was too soar she wanked me off , i spent the whole night licking and kissing her and telling her how i love her , ,,,, john and herself are still txting , im waiting to see what is going to happen next ,,,, any one out there with simular experiences would love to hear about them ,,, leave a comment and leave a message in my in box