Written by J

24 Oct 2016

Recently met a few friends and met a girl that I hadn't seen in a very long time. She was married and her husband was with her too. We had a great time catching up and her husband and I got very chatty. As the drinks started flowing we started talking about some random topics like college girlfriends and how slutty they were. The guy kept edging me on for more stories.

A while later my friend came over and strangely her husband started telling her all my old sex stories, first she went red but then she really got in to it and a few minutes later we were sharing sex stories in a quiet corner of the bar and I could swear that she was getting turned on and hitting on me.

She was a stunning girl, early 30s, tall, brown hair, long legs, skinny with the right curves. She was in a skinny jeans,and a tight top that showed off her figure. So after a few more drinks I was 100% sure that she was into me. I asked them how they met, and the husband started to talk about how she gave him a blowjob on the first date and swallowed and at this stage I knew that these guys were looking for some fun, so I edged them on for more and was getting closer to the girl and putting my arm around her hips as we spoke. As the night went on most of the others left and I suggested that we go back to my place.

Once we got back we opened up a bottle of wine and I brought up the topic of the blowjob and said I'd love a demo! She then said ok and knelt in front of her husband and sucked him right in front of me... she sucked him for a good 5 minutes giving an amazing show! The husband then pushed her towards me and she started to suck me while he pulled off his pants and started to fuck her, she got me to cum and swallowed all of it and then she laid on her back till her husband came inside her. Not even 30 minutes at my place and she was full of cum from both ends.

It was the strangest experience ever. They both put on the clothes and we finished the wine and they left.