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21 May 2012

Cougar Obsession Begins :)


3 minute read

Hi there, I am 25 years old and love cougars. I had the opportunity to ride my neighbor (46) when I was 16 and ever since I have been hooked. I love the way they no what they want and have no problem telling me :) Back then I was so inexperienced, I had slept with 5 girls and they were all younger than me. Anyway it began when I hurt my leg playing football, she was out team physio and also the managers wife. He arranged an appointment for me with her one evening and when I arrived to their house he was away. I reckon she had got dressed up and when she answered the door she was looking even more stunning then ever. She brought me into the room and I lay on my back on my table. She began rubbing my leg, chatting away with me and asking me had I a girlfriend (I had at the time) I couldn't take my eyes off her tits and thinking back I think she wanted me to look. After a few minutes I got an erection, I couldn't help it I tried to hide it at first but she saw it. She looked really shocked and took a step back. I got so nervous, started apologizing and thats when she smiled at me, the sexiest smile I have ever seen. She asked me if I thought she was sexy, I said it was obvious I did. She walked over to where I was lying and started opening my pants. My heart was thumping, I started asking her what was happening. Her reply "Don't worry, i'll take care of you" She pulled down my pants and start sucking my cock, after a few minutes she worked her way into the 69 position, where I sucked and licked her clit, I knew she was enjoying what I was doing by her moaning. Eventually she stopped sucking me and got off the table, she got on top of me and slit her wet pussy down my hard cock. I was so nervous I actually thought I was going soft. She lent forward and started moving her tits in front of my face, telling me to suck them (which I did) Soon she was pounding me on the physio table. I was getting so excited and I was just about to blow my load in her pussy when she stopped, its like she knew what was going to happen and wasn't finished yet. She go us up and bent herself over the table, I pushed my cock into her and started riding her as she played with her clit. Her moaning was unbelievable, she just kept telling me to fuck her harder, harder, harder and then in one explosion of pleasure we both cum.... After I didn't no what to do, I stood there for what felt like an hour but i'm sure it was only a couple of minutes. Eventually she turned her head and said "same time next week" I didn't stop smiling for a week :)

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