Written by Anonymous

15 Jul 2010

After our 3sum in Dublin we were to busy with kids and work for swinging so it was nearly 3 years later by the time we were both 29 that we decided that we would meet a cple for our first swing, we got chatting to "james & jane" on line and swapped numbers and addies(msn)we spent the best part of 3 months chatting b4 we actualy met them. James was about 36 tall and lean and quite hansome and Jane was 36 short with dark hair and a lovely curvy figure, they had some exp of swinging before they met us. we arranged to meet in a Galway hotel, we arrived early and did some shopping and had a few drinks to settle our nerves, about 8pm james txted us to tell us they had just checked into their room at this point i was getting very excited and "Marie" was nervous as hell, she needed more drink lol. We arranged to meet at the hotel bar for a few drinks before we headed to dinner, although nervous marie intended to dress to impress as she didnt want to be outdone by Jane lol, she wore a red lacy thong and matching bra then put on a dress she bought that day, a black and white midlenght one and her strappy black sandals. when we got to the bar we spotted james n jane and headed over , james eyes lit up when he seen marie and i could nt takes my eyes of jane either, she looked hot in a white minidress, we settled down to dinner later after some small talk about swinging and our reasons for liking and our exps, i could tell marie was taken with james as they were yappin away and i couldnt wait to get jane back to the hotel,after a few more drinks jane suggested it was time to head back to the hotel so we agreed we would go to our room and they would join us after 10 min or so. i asked marie back at the room are we good to go and she was happy out so when james and jane came to our room we opened a bottle of wine and put mtv on, jane pulled marie up to dance and wrapped her arms around her within seconds they were kissing and pulling at each others clothes jane began kissing maries neck then slipped her dress off and dropped her own dress to the ground they were both kissing and licking each other till they fell on to the bed where jane took charge, she began to finger fuck marie as she sucked and nipped her tits till marie groaned as she came at this point james pulled her thong down and began licking marie out, burying his face in her pussy, jane came over to me and dropped to her kness and pulled my jeans down and began licking my cock and teasing my balls as she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck slowly she then thurned around to marie and started to shift her again as i pulled her knickers down and eased my cock into her wet pussy from bhind she cooed and groaned as i started to drive my cock into her, by now james had worked his way up between maries legs and she had ner legs around him as he began to get into his stride, marie began to breathe heavy and cried out as she came again at that point i came hard and fast into jane as did james soon after, jane lay next to marie and began to finger her sticky pussy pushing her fingers covered in cum into maries mouth, marie sucked janes fingers every time they were offered then fingered jane and did the same back to her, by now the girls had their and mine and jims cum smeared over their pussys thighs tits and faces as they kissed passionatly