Written by Anonymous

12 May 2009

After a long lazy stroll in the downtown park, lunch with the girls and a couple of cocktails with her gorgeous man, Jane was more ravenous than ever.

She teased and flirted with Mark all afternoon running her long fingers against his thigh as they sat at the counter of their favourite cocktail bar, whispering how cute she thought the new spanish bar maid looked in her tightly fitted t shirt and ass hugging jeans.

There was a very distinct bulge in Marks trousers as she stroked the inside of his leg. He loved knowing that his beautiful wife occasionally liked to look at women, liked to fantasise about tasting them, touching them and fucking them in front of him. So many times the exaggerated stories they would tell each other ended in pools of their cum dripping from every part of each others bodies.

He saw that lustful stare in her eye today and thought it may have been brought on by her lunch with Sue and Claire. Mark knew that Sue was exactly the type of girl Jane thought about when she dreamed of tasting pussy. Young, firm and with a beautifully round ass they had both imagined a neatly shaven tight cunt that would spread open so easily at Janes command. Sue was just one of the many women they included in their fantasies. Mark was sure that the little Spanish bar maid would feature in their stories later that evening...

His cock was about to burst out of his pants with thoughts of how wet his wife was clearly getting as she looked admiringly at the sexy little girl serving up sloe comfortable screws with the confidence of a total professional. He had to adjust himself before heading to the loo for a quick wank. Whenever he got this excited, he always liked to increase the tension a little by wanking for a few seconds and putting his cock back in his pants til later. Often, he would spend an entire day at this until eventually Jane would lay her lips on the tip of his cock and he would erupt in her mouth immediately....Only then could he start the true business of bringing his wife to orgasm again and again.

On his return from his mini wank Mark was surprised to see Jane chatting away happily to Erica the barmaid. He joined the twosome and after an introduction sat back and watched as Jane slowly but very certainly seduced this incredibly sultry dark skinned beauty. The pair were flush with a giddy excitement, both knowing that the other one was equally attracted but clearly not knowing what this would mean, especially in light of the presence of a husband.... but Mark just sat back and watched it unfurl. Erica was busy serving other customers but couldnt seem to keep her eyes off Jane. And who could blame her? Every time he looked at his wife Mark wanted to fuck her, and they'd been married seven years at this stage! The tdress she wore today was three or four years old but fit so perfectly around her hour glass figure that he could make out every single curve of her body, and to watch her walking away or toward him was like observing an orchestra of sexual beauty as everything about her moved and swayed to a perfect feminine symphony.

As he reached his hand up under her dress to trace his fingers along her thigh, he realised exactly how horny she really was...her juices met him before he got to her mid thigh. She was soaking. She caught his eye and held his gaze with a smirk that could only mean one thing; she wanted this girl to come home with them, and she wanted to fuck her.

They had spoke about it and played it out so many times but they had never really considered the possibility of actually involving a third person in their sex lives. She asked "Would you mind honey?" to which Marks cock responded by almost spontaneously cumming. He kissed her on the neck and whispered in her ear that she would make all of his fantasies come through if she took this girl home and fucked her on their bed.

Jane grabbed Ericas attention very easily and handed her a discreetly written note with the words: "I want you so badly and Mark would like to watch as I taste your pussy. You coming with us?"

Erica unfolded the note, read it and smiled at the couple. She disappeared for a moment and came back wearing a light scarf and tight fitting leather jacket. She came to the other side of the counter and ran her hand along Janes face, smiling all the time. "Where are you taking me? And tell me again what it is that you plan to do with me!".......

To be continued