Written by admin

1 Mar 2009

This haappened a few weeks ago now. I had to go to Dublin for a college placement and I had a freind of mine who waa willing to put me up it was a student house. Knowing I was going to be in Dublin I emailed several people from the site to be honest only a few got back to me saying thanks but not interested, I was a bit cheesed off, but there were a few who wanted further details and wanting to know exactly where I was going to be staying. Anyway i arrived at the house and met my friend and there were others in the room, one particulary caught my eye, and I caught hers, there was this cheeky smile from her, I didnt think any more of it. My friend was leaving to come down to Kerry on the Tuesday so tuesday evening after a long day in dublin I came back to the house only to find no one else was in . I then threw myself on the bed and chilled. A few hours later the girl ( we will call her Amanda) arrived back and went straight upstairs I then thought I had got the wrong message ... Oh well .... I sat downstairs in the living room writing out my notes for the day when Amanda came down stairs, she was wearing these black silk pyjamas which left nothing to the imagination my cock went hard as soon as saw her and they really showed her figure off and nice firm breasts and a tight small bum. i sat opposite her she didnt say much and I thought oh well she just wants to tease then she asked me to go up stairs for the remote for the TV, she told me it was on the side in her room so I went up opened the door and the first thing I saw was an array of vibrators instant erection knowing these has been inside her I picked uip the remote and nothiced her lap top and she had left it open I then saw she was looking at this site. I went downstairs and she was lying out on the settee with and her firn breasts were trying to escape from the top and her nipples her erect, trying to remain calm I gave her the remote she moved into such a position then her legs came apart and I noticed a wet patch ... I was going to burst at this point, she then said did find anything interesting upstairs she knew... she then said lets see if your profile it true she sat up and toild me to sit down by her she started rubbing my cock , she knew I was about to cum, she undid my jeans and out popped my erect cock, she started licking the end of it then swallowed it whole , never has anyone deep throated my cock before I then erupted in her throat she swallowed all my cum, she then said lets get down to this properly and led me upstairs to her room, she removed her top I just had to suck those breasts she then reoved her bottoms lay on the bed and said lick me I started licking her, she tasted so good and she was v wet, her juices were like honey as I paid attention to her clit she came... I was in heaven, she told me to lie on the bed and then she sat on my face and grinded her pussy on my tongue as she did this she stared to gently lick my cock making it hard again she then got off my face and sat on my cock she was so wet you could hear her squelch ... lets say the rest of the week was fun