Written by bob10

2 Nov 2011

I met this girl, we'll call Sorcha in college on a random night out in a nightclub. She was there with her friends two blondes also good looking and we were both drunk. We went back to her place at the end of the night. All that had happened in the night club was a bit of kissing and feeling her very small tits.

We crashed in the door and being the horny young people we were we headed straight for bed. He two house mates were smiling knowingly at us so we invited them to join, but they didn't. I thought it was drunken humour on her part but was to find out later that she had a liking for the ladies also.

Along with Sorcha's small tits the rest of her was also small. I stripped away the skirt black dress she was wearing to reveal a tiny silk thong. This I pealed away to see her totally shaven pussy. I set to work on this with my tongue and Sorcha helped herself by touching her clit whenever I stopped for air. I soon had her cumming and squeezing her own breasts.

I then moved to relieve myself and pummel her pussy, but found I could only enter her slightly. She was as wet as could be, indeed leaking down her thighs but was just so tight I couldn't enter, only half way which caused her discomfort.

There was of course only one solution,she took my cock,wet from her pussy and put in in her mouth. She didn't release it until I came, although she didn't like that so she spit it out. I didn't mind.