Written by Bedtimebaby

19 Apr 2012

Oh the night is still so long and the more I am given the more I want … turning over I watch him sleep for a minute or two before a smile lights on my face again ….taking one finger I trace it down his relaxed jaw .. Stopping at his chin , before drawing back and slipping my finger between my lips before tracing it over his lips …top then bottom …. So tempting as he stirs slightly … I lean forward and let the tip off my tongue take over …drawing small circles with each touch ..tasting the sweet taste of lust as I do so .. I fell him move and fine myself drawn in to an embrace as his lips lock with mine in a long sensual kiss , tongues dancing , tasting , teasing lips sliding ..sucking …holding as we each take what we need … as I feel his hands slide down my back …pulling me to him , over him , on him , I move with ease , the need for more building with each touch . Fingers tapping down my spine . Shivers follow in time as sensation after sensation flow through me a fire lighting within , a storm brewing , a tightening only a woman can explain , a wanting that is powerful and takes over as my I slide my hips over his , foreplay is not needed , wanted , not now as I am already dripping with wanton and need and the desire to be filled is all I feel as I deliberately side down on him , locking his hard throbbing cock deep inside me in one movement as I watch his eyes light up with the sudden realisation off what I had done , am doing , as I feel his hands slide along my back to my hips I thrust forward …hard …then I stop …smile and pull back slowly … hands on my hips stop and wait as if entranced .. Waiting as I slowly tighten mussels and let my pussy suck the tip off his cock … again and again …and the I thrust again taking all off him , my body locking him within me as I roll my hips from side to side and feel him jerk inside me while letting out a low deep moan …. I move faster now ,,, long deep slow thrusting ..up and down .. Deeps and shallow …tightening with each movement as his hand guide me , pulling me to him …holding be back as I pussy suck his tip …my body clenching … pulsing . Pleading for more …

Taking his hands in mine I sit back all the while holding him inside me … before slowly leaning back … further and further …hips rocking forward …taking him deeper … cock sliding in and out off a now even tighter pussy , grinding and rubbing on ever nerve ending as we still hold hands holding the moment , taking us both to the edge but not over it ….not yet .. This is to be savoured …thrusting again forward and up sucking him deeper as juices flow easily down over hot cook …taking one hand I start to rub my pussy …as he watches ….bodies still moving as one …. Deliberately I part pussy lips and slide a finger up and down my soaking clit ..a smile alights his face before a sudden sharp intake off breath as he feels me tight on him again …. My hand is moved away as he releases it with his .. Fingers doing as I had and spreading me …as I lean back and thrust harder …he glides his fingers up one side off my soaking pussy lips and down the other , before lightly tapping with two fingers on my now hyper sensitive clit sending shock after shock shooting through me …before he starts rubbing … gently then harder ,,, over and over as my body reacts and my world falls away …thrusting …thrust for thrust … pounding ….need for need … my pussy suck as he erupts within me filling me with a surge off need that set me free and I cum with a force that leaves me shaking ,shattered to the core …and still thrusting to meet him as he demands more …takes more …fingers and cock still pushing …rubbing ….tapping ….making me give again and again ..harder and harder …until I suddenly my body stops moving and my breath catches hard and I still feel him thrusting and then he jerks hard and my body explodes around his and begins to move with a stronger need as I thrust up hard to meet him we are both soaked with the force and the instance wave after wave off release that overtakes me …him ….us …..