Written by Bedtimebaby

17 Apr 2012

I smiled as his hands roamed my body ….formalising his finger tips with each touch and knowing what would set me alight …Slow deliberately tormenting me from under my robe …

We haven’t even managed to shut the door yet ..one day we might get around to saying , Hi , first …put not today , urgency is building to fast , the need for fulfilment is to strong to hold back as his hands get more intense in there pursuit off pleasure , torment , pleasure ….opening my robe as he moves to shut the door , each movement defined with need , with wanton , with lust …

My body melts into his touch , throbbing from it , for it , with it , as lips find nipples hard and erect , flicking , sucking , lapping , tasting ….sending wave after wave off electricity through my body , Hands in his hair pulling him closer still and his fingers find the silken deeps and push again and again within to release the flood off tension that has been building ,

As my juices flow over his hand his lips lock with mine and moans off pleasure are taken from both as one and finally I collapse into his arms and the fecker says “ Hi hun “ …. Well what did you expect …. Lol ….

Some time after coffee …yes it’s a requirement … time fly’s when he is having fun LOL .

We make it to the bed …hands tracing mussels one by one , feeling the reaction beneath my touch ..knowing that its having the effect I want …slowly deliberately working my way down his body ….finger tips followed my wet lips that leave a trail off lust in there wake …tasting …. Kissing …. Nipping mmmmm feeling his body shiver beneath me … sucking …. Licking …. Tracing a path even lower and my fingers still roam off there own accord .. Searching …wanting …finding …. Mmmmm hard and throbbing and jerking with the slightest touch … As I let my lips slide over one nipple …my fingers encircle his hot pulsating cock …. And I start to suck each nipple in turn , In time with my fingers sliding up and down his length ,,, slowly …so slowly …tongue tracing a trail from his chest ….up his neck …flicking in time with my finger still moving along his length … a little faster now …as my lips find his jaw and kiss slowly along one side then the other …..finger flick over his tip and I feel the surge that awaits …. Finding his lips I kiss …softly …slowly … then pull back to ask “ you want more ..hun “ with a devilish smile …. No reply just two strong hands slowly push me lower … as I answer for him “ guess that’s a yes then lol “ … just before my tongue flicks the tip off his cock in a daring tease as I feel him tense again … my lips cover him and start to slide down on him … god its hard to keep things slow …put I do …. So slowly I can hear his heart pounding …. As his hands find there way into my hair and he starts to move with me …. In and out as I let my tongue slip and slide and glide over him again and again .. Deeper …taking more as I feel him throbbing within me I start to suck ,,, long deliberate sucking ,,,holding and letting go just as I know he likes …taking him to the edge again and again … faster … harder as his hip raise to meet me , hands in my hair pulling me closer , put letting me have my way ,,,, deeper , faster, harder , over and over as I suck and lick and hold him with my tongue as he jerks hard and fills me ,,I hear a long low moan as his body pulses for me again and again …. Before his hands pull me back up to him and we wait for our breaths to slow …and know there is a promise off more …. After coffee …. Yeah ..yeah .. yeah I know …I know …LOL

Hmmmmm I stir to the feel off hands travelling up and down my back , just enough pressure to feel , yet not enough … my body moves off its own accord and pushes back against him …hands travel around my waist and ease me back into his arms , before they start massaging each breast in turn , rubbing and pinching and pulling my nipples until pain and pleasure are one , moulding my breast for his pleasure , all the while hips rocking gently behind me and I can feel the need for his intent sliding along my lower back with each movement , Slowly with an evilly of teasing , tormenting touch ..one hand moves lower , parting my legs…. I slide one back over his as we start rocking now as one ….

Fingers sliding along pussy lips … feeling the heat rising , with a need for more I push against his hand … as his lips fine my neck and start a trail off fire , his fingers tap ever go gently on my throbbing clit sending shock waves though my body and I jerk back only to find his hard pulsating cock waiting for me …teasing me ..back and forth from one tormenting touch to another as lips and tongue tease and taste and burn my skin … fingers spreading pussy lips to slip between holding me back against hard hot cock …

as I moan my body slips slightly down his and in one swift movement he has slipped into a tight wet wanton pussy ..my body moving in time with his …back and forth . In and out , fingers stilling rubbing ….tapping …. Driving me to the edge …

again and again as I start to travel to the edge again I rock harder against him , and he meets me thrust for thrust , filling me to the depths before pulling back and letting his cock slide along my pussy to my clict ….over and over he repeats the torment ,, in …out …rubbing ….pushing ….filling as my body tighten over him …tighter and tighter …pulses off pleasure over taking me ….

As I beg him to let me …. He thrusts hard ….deep …so deep , my body shakes with need as fingers and cock take me over the edge I feel the shutter from his body telling me he as come with me …pounding harder …faster ….. Deeper …taking us higher and higher ..holding on tight to each other ..bodies glistening … lock in the shattering shutters off passion shared ….before the rocking slows as we both savour the aftermath …… with him still inside me we drift off ….for now …..