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"Next morning"
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The next morning...

I woke up next morning to her naked, the duvet was partly covering her, I could see those breasts I had sucked on and felt last night, the duvet went down exposing one of those legs that I had over my shoulders.

I was hard straight away and wasted no time, starting to feel her body she started to waken and stretch out, as she did I went to mount her, she asked me where I was going, I said between your legs babe and she spread them wider, reached for my hard cock and helped direct it in, she was wet and warm.

I started to kiss her and move in and out slowly of her cunt, Christ she was a sweet fuck, no refusing cock for breakfast. I lifted her legs up unto my shoulders to get full length in and to be able to give her a good pounding, she had no hesitation putting her legs up, you just knew she wanted fucked again

As I pound her I watch her face, and look in her eyes each time I ram my cock in her, you could see her looking for each one wanting it deep in her, she was hungry for cock, ready for each thrust, the noise when she received it just encouraged me more, this woman loved been fucked and been fucked hard. Her mobile rings and we stop she gets up to answer, it's her husband and she looks at me puts finger up to Huss Signal.

I get up walk up behind her, push her over and slip it in starting to fuck her slowly whilst she's still on phone. I quicken pace and I know she struggling keeping quiet, she puts hand on dresser table and spreads and bends over more, still chatting to her hubby. As I fuck her she is getting wetter whilst on phone must be turning her on.

Thought this doll is just a real whore in bed. Here she is multi tasking bent over, legs spread taking a co-workers cock bareback in her soaking cunt whilst on the phone to her husband. Laters she says as call has finished, no breaks with you she says, I think you might have enjoyed i responded?

I move her over to side of bed and go harder, this probably was my last time fucking her, she goes oh fuck, this is awesome, she starts to make noise and says go harder, tell me to fuck you I say to her, fuck me, fuck me harder she says, I grab her hair hold it as I ram my cock in her well used cunt. She starting to come and after 4 minutes she cums I can hear her release, at this point I'm going my hardest making sure she's getting it deep and hard, giving her something to remember I keep on fucking her and can feel myself building up. I withdraw and she collapses on side, I move up to her mouth,she opens and starts to suck. As I watched her on her side on bed I could see her in all her glory with her married lips around my cock. I thought her hubby is a lucky bastard getting this every time.i could feel myself pulsing, and in her mouth it went, watching her swallow it was awesome. I got dressed to get back to my own room before any of the other conference goer she got up. I remember the site of her naked body on the bed and her neat ass just before I left.

A night to remember.. 

What happens next - I want more do you....


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