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"Night of lust"
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Published 2 months ago

Was a few years back and the three of us where travelling for a 2 day conference. One of my work colleagues who was driving, was very confidence in her role which made her ooze sex appeal and over the last number of months I had gotten close to her and had a real desire to fuck her, if I ever got the chance I'd make sure it was good. I make sure that I make good use of the opportunity you know the thoughts you have in your head when your attracted to some one you think you'll never have. She was slim, 34c, 5ft 6, long dark hair, fit and married.

That day she was driving she was wearing light coloured blouse, above knee skirt, stocking and flats on her feet, her high heels 4" where on the floor beside me and Christ they always heled with the imagination. I was sitting in the back watching her, her fine legs showing movement as she changed gears, I thought to myself I'd like that tonight...

Day 1 was over and there was a meal and free drink where she kept me a seat and all night we're together socialising together around the conference, the night was going well as was the chemistry.

It was much later in the night a lot of people had went to bed, I was standing beside her chatting ones and I put my hand on her lower back and rubbed it a bit, she never moved a muscle, I thought Christ she's allowing this to happen, I could feel a a movement in my jeans I was starting to feel horny, thinking I may be on to something,..... I wondered was she wet at this stage....the thoughts started going through my head, if I get between her legs I'll give her a night to remember.

20mins later we're in her room on the side of the bed, I kissed her and she responded it's was good, we kissed more and my hands started to wander, through her hair, down her back over her legs, my cock was bulging, she started rubbing it thought my jeans..I take off her blouse and trouser and kiss her on the bed with only her bra and knickers on. She undoes my belt and push down my jeans whilst I kick them off. We continue to kiss and I push my cock hard into her underwear. Christ it was horny..

I put my hand down pulled my cock out, pulled her knickers to one side, I move forward and felt the warm moist opening of her cunt, I started to slip it in, slowly, I could feel the warmth, the wettest, the tight opening, the tip of my cock was in her, fuck it was awesome and then she just said stop and I took it out. 

We sat on the side of the bed, she said, I can't do this, I said we have started, u have had it and no one would know, we've started it we should finish, we both want this, she then just went "fuck it"

I had her on her back in no time again knicker to one side and I didn't waste any time putting my full length in her, i thought once she gets a few thrust she'll want more, in and out it went she had a good taste of it now, I stopped and took off her knickers and my boxers and started to fuck her some more. I put her legs over my arms at elbows and kept driving it in, watching her face she was loving it, her legs spread as wide as I could get them and she was going along with it all helping in every way. I moved her legs onto my shoulder no bother to her, it put me a great position to fuck her hard. Her tits where just a handful which I loved, great for sucking and playing with. 

I rolled her over and got her on top to see what she'd do, how she would take it by herself, she reached back grabbed my cock and put in herself, she put her arms back on my knees and started to move around my cock, Christ it was so sexy, with the lights on in the room she was showing herself off, showing what was on offer, she was a tidy piece. They she moved forward raising her pussy up and down on my cock, slamming it as hard as she could, she was beating up her cunt, ramming my cock into her, it looked like hard work but she kept at it. Her pussy was getting wetter and I thought I have to taste this. 

I put her back on her back and started to kiss all the way down between her legs, Christ did she taste good, I thought her hubby is a lucky fucker. I said to her you shaved this well, she told me it was lasered, tasty I replied. She made no move to my cock whilst I was eating her out, so I stopped and brought my cock up to her mouth and she opened straight away, what a sight, I never thought this would happen, thought I won't forget this, her sucking my cock that had been in her wet cunt, as she continued I position myself to eat her (69) some more, Christ this was good.

I moved in between her legs again slipping it in, it was all free now, all mine to please, to have, I started to go deep and steady with her her wide over my arms, I knew she liked this, she was starting to cum, I could hear it from her, see it in her, she told me to fuck her like a woman, I didn't need any more encouragement I went harder driving it into like she wanted, so fucking hard, I was loving it, so was she, she then screams out I'm cumming, keep fucking me, I kept at it and she screams omg so fucking good when cumming,the face on her was awesome, once she had cum she stated I've never cum as good, I told her she's going to get some more and rolled her over to the side of the bed and went doggie.. 

 At size 8/10 she had a petite ass. I just held my cock and put it in her, grabbed her hips and started again, this was an awesome sight, a well defined back structure and a fine arse and I was fucking it good, she moved her arse/legs which widen her cunt to let my cock get in deeper, she was all up for it, I could tell she loved getting cock. I had to slap her arse love doing that. I kept driving it home grabbing her hair putting her head back pushing the limits with her, I don't think she had any.

I rolled her over on back again she spread her legs herself and I slipped in, starting to fuck her hard, I started to build up she could hear me and told me not to cum in her, no discussion at start about condom, all bareback, loving it, I withdrew moved cock up to her mouth she opened and started to suck,  hmmm, I was loving it, I emptied my load in her mouth and watched her swallow it all. As I unloaded in her mouth I thought her hubby was a lucky bastard to have such an active wife in the bed

Don't u just love it when you get to live out a fantasy

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