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Published 10 years ago
I'll change names in the story but it is as close to factual as i can remember. To give you a mental image, i am 5'10", slim brown haired and have no complaints as my profile states. Nicola is shorted than me, 5'5", long brown hair and curvy. She has a firm body large breasts and round ass, and everything is firm. Anyway... I had broken up with my girlfriend and was at a house party one night with co-workers and got talking to one that i wouldn't normally. I had heard that she was eager on another man we worked with, but it was my understanding that she was in a relationship. After a few drinks i suppose i asked about this and she told me straight that her relationship had broken up, but didn't elaborate on her and the other co-worker. I was fairly tired and the beer was starting to have an effect but I stayed playing pool and sipping slowly. By the middle of the night we were all fairly tired and the girl I was talking to earlier (Nicola) offered to drive some of us home. She hadn't been drinking. So four of us piled into the car, i was in the front. She dropped all the others to different houses first so it ended up with just the two of us in the car. When we pulled up outside my house, there were no spaces left, so we moved over the estate a bit in front of a neighbors house. I asked her if she wanted to come in but she declined but said she would like to fool around. I was horny as hell so I didn't need asking twice. My tongue was in her mouth in a second, and i knew the boundaries were a long way off when she started pulling on my belt. I had my hands inside her top straight away feeling her big round tits. As she tried to pull down my pants, i was trying to get her bra off, so we both stopped and she got me naked below, and i removed her top clothes. she was wearing a skirt, but with tights so once i had her topless and she had my cockl out i reckoned it was OK to drop my hand for a feel of her pussy. I pulled down her tights as mush as possible, and she spread her lega as much as she could as we locked our mouths together again. I pushed one then two fingers into her wet pussy as she rocked on my hand. Nicola said how good it felt having something inside her again. Then she stopped me fingering her and pushed me back in the passenger seat. She put her mouth around my extremely hard penis and slid her mouth all the way down it in one continuous motion. I actually felt the tip of my erection hit the back of her mouth. She sucked my dick for over five minutes but would not let me cum in her mouth. I didn't want to make a mess anywhere else on her so i held me load. We finished promising that we'ed find another time to meet again and i'd get to unload on or in her, and we also thought it best not to tell any co-workers.

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