Written by Anonymous

5 Mar 2009

I'm sitting with my laptop on my lap surfing swing4ireland when the doorbell rings. Having a pretty heavy bone - and being stark naked, I decide to let it slide. Who's going to call in the middle of the morning anyway?

I was pretty shocked, moments later, to hear the door open and two Eastern European female voices burst into the hall. Of course, I knew immediately what was going on. I quickly flung my trousers on but was still standing proud when the two girls walked into the sitting room.

The taller, blonde one had the good grace to fake embarrassment and scuttle out of the room, but the redhead smiled and raised an eyebrow.

This attention did nothing for my member who was well and truly standing to attention now and I tried to hide it with my laptop.

The redhead shouted something to her companion and took a few steps towards me.

The bizarrely, she put on a rubber glove and smiling sweetly, took my cock in her hand.

I gasped at both the shock and the sensation. My cock pulsed in her hand and I nearly came on the spot.

Gathering some composure, I put the computer to one side and let her start to stroke me - noticing for the first time that she was an extremely attractive woman. I know you might say, what woman isn't extremely attractive while pumping away at your dick. But she really was fantastic.

I ran my hand over her tight buttocks in her jeans as she continued her rhythmic stroking and stared into her eyes as she stared into mine. Not a word passed between us.

I'd quite forgotten about her friend and was giving into the pleasure of being handled my my eastern beauty when the taller blonde walked back into the room. What I'd originally taken as a demure embarrassment turned out to be closer to lust -

she'd stripped down to the kinkiest lingerie I've ever seen. Her massive breasts barely contained in the tiniest lace top. Her knickers low cut to expose her shaved abdomen.

It was her turn to grab my cock as her pal let go and began to striptease for me.

The blonde straddled me - giving me plenty of room to watch the stage show. And slowly slid my cock inside her hot, tight pussy.

My mind was whirling and my senses working overtime - being ridden by this lingere'd beauty whilst her pal stripped off.

I was on the point of letting in to my animal passions when the redhead slipped her hands round the blonde's chest and started to squeeze her breasts -

This wasn't some idle show now - they were both rapt in each other attention and I was merely a living strapon.

The started to kiss which enflamed me further to the point I could no longer contain myself and exploded inside the blonde - feeling a satisfying grip of her pussy on my cock as each throbbing spurt shot inside her.

I seemed to come for hours - almost milked by her pussy as i watched the most sensual lovemaking between the two girls. Although I was technically the one engaged in penetrative sex, they were the ones who were truly getting it on.

Next thing I know, the blonde is off my weakening cock and and the redhead bends down to take the sticky piece of flesh in her mouth.

Her licking and sucking the commingled semen and juice from her blonde friend is enough to fire me up again and I feel my cock grow in her mouth - pushing her back away from me as my know reached the back of her throat.

The sensation is utterly amazing and I would have been tempted to close my eyes had not the blonde buried her face in the redhead's ass probing her with her tongue.

All resolve gone, I immediately started coming again, this time in redhead's mouth. If I thought I'd gushed before, this time it was a torrent. And she took it all, letting it fill her cheeks.

Then, as my cock started to sag again, she stood up and took blondies hand in hers. She placed blondie's hand over her puss and they kissed, Red pushing my semen into blondie's mouth.

She swallowed it greedily and turned to me.

"We ready to do upstairs now?"

I stood up and followed their magnificent asses up the stairs...