Written by click24

23 Apr 2013

This is a true story about an illicit relationship I had with a married colleague of mine in an old job a few years back...

D was the cleaner. She was in her early 30s married, tall curvaceous busty with long dark hair and though not a stunner there was undeniably a very overt sexiness to her. I hadn't alot of dealings with her in the course of my work but she was always around doing her work and always polite and friendly when we bumped into eachother on the stairs or in the canteen on our breaks. That was until one day there was a leak in my department which she helped me to clean up. Back in the cleaning room we stood side by side at the sink washing our hands and I said "Thanks a mill for helping me out with that messy job". She looked straight at me and said "you'll have to kiss me as thanks..." she was deadly serious and I was very surprised. Me being me I half seized the moment and gave her a peck on the cheek and got back to work. After that she became more flirtatious, always trying to catch my eye and stopping to chat although I never gave her much encouragement.

Some time later head office made some changes requiring me to come to work earlier to do various bits and pieces and to prepare things for when the bulk of the staff arrived...

At ten to eight the first morning the building was practically empty so I made my way to the locker room get rid of my coat. I pushed my way through the door to be greeted by the smell of disinfectant and the sight of D's curvy ass right in front of me as she was bent over mopping the floor. Curiously, instead of standing up to greet me she stayed bent over and looked at me over her shoulder as if pausing so that I could take in the view. Then she stood and looked very pleased to see me. She walked right up to me and into my personal space and asked why I was in early. I explained the situation and then straight out she asked "Do you want a blowjob". There's only ever one answer to that question. She immediately dropped to her knees on the wet freshly mopped floor and unzipped my fly, reached in and after a sec of fumbling freed my cock and balls. I was still completely soft as the situation had just completely been sprung on me she wasnt long stroking me hard and playing with my balls with the other hand. I could feel her warm breath on my cock an inch from her lips. When I was sufficiently hard she removed her hand replacing it with with her mouth and to quote the song she had 'miraculous technique'. She took me very deep into her warm wet mouth and the suction was incredible. Also as she sucked me in and out she rotated her head from side to side. What a fantastic bj and the icing on the cake she played with my balls stopping occasionally to lick and suck them. After a few minutes my senses came to me as I worried someone could walk in at any moment but my worry was momentarily as I could feel my orgasm creeping up. As if she sensed it she increased the tempo sucking and jerking her head, increasing the pressure on my balls. I was helpless and blurted my load down her throat but she kept sucking willing out every drop. My knees buckled and i had to hold myself up on the lockers. Wow. My now flaccid and soggy cock slipped from her mouth and she looked up and licked her lips. I tucked myself away as she stood up 2 wet patches on her knees. Then i grinned and made my way to my station. I couldnt even begin to start working for a half an hour after that surprise session.

Needless to say things progressed far from there and became alot less one sided over the next couple of years. She was promoted and we worked alot more 'closely' together and we took our fun all around the building and further. We explored alot and I discovered her sub side and love for spanking anal and cum and for being photographed and videod (I even had a cam show on swing4 with her once and brought another swing4 guy along ;) ) but thats another story... perhaps I'll have to tell y'all.