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Claire's pleasure continues.

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2 min
Published 5 years ago
This is a follow up to my recent experience with Claire, a beautiful older lady, that was shocked, intrigued, excited and driven to experience new things even at her late stage in life. I have been with Claire 3 times since my first encounter, always just the two of us, and she has come from being quiet and shy to now asking me to "lick my pussy" or "fuck me from behind " to "I want to suck your cock and make you come "!!! It's amazing how far she has come, and I've really enjoyed it. Sara and I wanted to take it further, so last weekend I invited Claire over as usual, but this time Sara had gone to pick up a young guy that we had some fun with a few times before. Claire and I were hard at it when they returned, Claire didn't hear them come in as I was pumping her pussy hard from behind. A pussy that is now getting regular use and neatly trimmed, and really tight. As I was fucking her from behind, Sara and D walked in, both naked. Claire didn't know, I pulled out and went to Claire's head, it was then she realised, D was shoving his big black cock up her elderly pussy, she looked shocked as I held her head and placed my cock in her mouth. This was an amazing time for Claire, here she was, an elderly lady, and she was having her first threesome, first black cock, and a young one at that, and her friend was watching her naked. She settled and started to enjoy it and relaxed, D put her on her back and it was amazing to see her enjoy it as he pumped her hard and fast, his dreadlocks hanging over her face as he emptied his load in her. D just pulled out and Claire just looked at his softening cock hanging between his legs, her first black cock that had filled her up. I took Ds place and fucked Claire hard, until I too was coming inside her, as Sara and D watched. As I climbed off Claire, Sara was on her knees sucking D back to full hardness, she then got on the bed beside Claire and gave her another new experience. Claire and I watched as D licked Saras pussy, and fucked her until he came deep inside her pussy, a sight I'd seen before. Sara left a new Claire home, and I can't wait until we show her more of what she was missing.

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