Written by Anonymous

25 Feb 2019

hello all .... this happened just before christmas ...... we live in ennis . we are together some years .....Mary and i just do the normal things in life but things changed somewhat at christmas ......it all started with my sister asking could her 19yo son leave his car at our place so he could meet his friends and spend a evening in town ,,,,,,, they live in the country about 15 miles away ....i said yes ,,,,,, he was going to staying with one of his friends over night ...... tom was his name he arrived at about 4 that evening parked his car ,,, he came in and chatted for a while ,,,,, about everything ... i noticed he couldnt keep his eyes of Mary tits ..... they are not small they are double dd ... Mary is 50 ,,, looks 40 dresses young and keeps herself fit ... anyway tom left as Mary walked back in i said he was staring at your lovely tits ,,,, she said ,, was he ,, i said yes ,, you should open the top 2 buttons to show some of your beautiful clevage ,,, she laughed ,,, as the evening went on we ate and settleded in for the evening ,,,, we had a few drinks i had a few cans of beer Mary had her bottle of red ,,, which she enjoys .... at about 1am we decided to go to bed ,,, i staggered into bed ............... some time later something woke me i just fell back to sleep ,,,, i woke up ... it was daylight outside , i wraped my arms around Mary and she turned to face me , she was awake , i kissed her her mouth tasted different ,, i said nothing maybe it was the old tast of beer or wine ,,, i was getting turned on just kissing and touching her ,,, i started sucking her nipples ,,,,,, she said ,, be gentle they are sore ,,, .... i started to go down her body kissing her and licking her ,,, i got to her pussy ,, it was dripping wet ,,,,,, i started licking and eating her pussy ,,,, she said that feels good ,,, i licked and licked i could feel her orgasm building up i was licking her clit . i could feel her body tensing up i could hear her moans getting more stressed i could hear her say ,,,,, dont stop now...... and then she put her hands at the back of my head as she exploded into orgasm ,, and all that fluid flowed out into my mouth ,,,, it felt so good been down there and Mary having that huge orgasm ,,, as she came down off her high she let my head free from her pussy ,,,,, she said ,,,,, thank you i needed that ,,,,,,, WOW i said that was a big orgasm,,,,,, what has you so horney today ,,,,, YOU HAVE NOW IDEA ,,,, last night you went to bed , i was just behind you when i got to the bed you were out for the count ,,,, i was a little out of it as well ,,,,,,,, around 3 this morning there was knocking at the door i was still tipsy but made my way down and opened the door ,,,,, it was tom ,,he was drunk , he asked could he stay ,,,, i asked what happened to his friend ,,, he said his friend met a woman and went off with her ...... im sorry for waking ye up my friend is probably in bed with her now and im here disturbing ye ,,,,,,,,,,, i said its ok she probally need a man ,, tom laughed ,,,, so i brought him up to the spare bedroom he thanked me for letting him stay and gave me a huge hug ,,,,as he did we staggered and fell on the bed ,,, tom kinda fell on top of me , as we lay there i felt his coc? get hard ,,, my dressing gown had opened ,,,, and i remembered you saying how tom was staring at my tits earlier ,,,,it felt good ,,,,,, then i felt toms hands touch my body and make his way up to my tits i got turned on ,,,, i suppose i kissed him and he responded and kissed me back , his hands now were all over me i started opening his pants ,,,, it felt good his hard bulge pressing up against my puss? ,,,, i felt his coc? it felt big ,,, i got it out from under him and took it in my mouth and started sucking him ,,,, all he kept saying was ....oooooo my god ,,,, oooooo my god ,,,, i sucked harder and faster ,,, i could feel him tensing up ...... oooooooo god ,,,,,, im going to cum ,,,,,, i kept sucking and sucking his coc? to that point of no return ,,,,then he blew his full load of cum in my mouth i swallowed it and kept sucking until i had his balls empty ,,,,,, i layed down on the bed long side him ,,,, he didnt know what to say ,,,,i asked did he enjoy that ,,,, he told me it was the first blowjob he had ever got ,,,i askrd had he had a girlfriend .... he said yes but she wount let touch any part of her ,,,, so i said is that why u liked looking at my tits ,,,,,oooooo yes he said ,,,,,, i said you can touch them ,,, he touched my double dd,,, he played with my erect nipples ,,,, this was turning me on ,,,, so i started feeling his coc? again and within seconds he was erect again it was standing long and proud ,,,, i sucked it a little and then i climed on top of it ,,, ilowered my puss? down into it and it felt wounderful as it slid up into me ,,,, tom was in awe as his coc? went all the way into me ,,,,i started bouncing up and down on his coc? it felt good ... its bigger than yours i felt totally full its amazing how this 17yo never had sex before ... he was beginning to thrust up as i was going down ,,, we did this for 20 minutes my orgasm was building up ,, it was good he started to tence up again ,,,, i started to go faster,,,,, he said oooooo god im cumming ,,, as he said that i felt his first blast of cum in me and i lost it and came just as he was filling me with his cum ,,,, i sat on him until he lost his erection and i lay on the bed next to him ,,,,,, he said it was his first sex , i said its my first 17yo and he laughed ,,,, as we lay there he started touching all of my body , it felt nice and relaxing ,, i started touching his ,,,,, i said you have a amazing coc? all the girls will love to touch it feel it suck it and use it ,,,, do u think he asked ,,,,, im certain i said ,,,, ,,,, as i was touching his body he started getting erect again ,,,,,, he said it feels good when u touch it ..... i said thats nice thank you ,,,,,, by now it was fully erect again ,,,,, i said i want you to fuc? me one more time ,,first let me see is hubby still asleep,,,,he is snoring,,,,,,,,, so get on top of me ,,, he did and it felt great sliding into me again ,,,, he started pounding me like only a 19 yr old can do i said dont stop keep going he did it was great my pussy was on fire ,,, my orgasm was building ,, i never had a fuckin? like this in my life ,,,i could feel him so deep inside me with every thrust of his body i was getting there my orgasm was getting closer and closer ,, i have never experienced a pounding like this before ....... i said oooo my god im cumming and as i reached cloud 9 i felt my self floating in air .... tom kept pounding until he reached orgasm and flooded me with his cum ,,,we stayed cuddled to gether for a while,,,,,,,,,,,,,when u woke up i was back here with you about a hour ,,,, i ask Mary is he still here she said he is in the spare room sleeping ,,,, I SAID WOW ,,, no wounder your pussy was flooded and your mouth tasted the way it did ,,,,,, did you enjoy it ,,,, she said yes ,,,, i started thinking do u want to fuck him again before he leaves this morning ,,, Mary asked would i be ok with it if she did,,,,, i said WOW its a huge turn on for me ,, i cant imagine what its like for u OK i said i will get out of here for a few hours ,,, you enjoy the morning with tom ,,, so ye can realy let year selfs go ,,,, one thing ,,, whats that,,,,, do not wash or shower i want u later ....