Written by Jalob

27 Dec 2016

This is a true story that happened at our Christmas party this year.we were at one of them party nights with about 10 other companies. ever one was having a good time,about half way into the night I bumped into my brother wife. now Jane is a stunner long black hair, beautiful blue eyes standing over six foot in heels in a sexy red little dress.I had always fancied Jane but she was out of my league.we got chatting and were having a good time we were both tipis at this stage and flirting a little. I could feel my cock getting hard just standing there with Jane and it must have been obvious for Jane cuddle in to me and placed her hand on my crouch and wispeared into my ear. I followed Jane out and she went straight to the toilets into one of the cubical were Jane dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock until it was rock hard then she bent over and rammed my cock into her wet pussy and it was wet ,I fucked her hard and fastand could feel myself getting close when i went to pull out she said I want it inside me so with a few more strokes I blew my load inside her pussy.she turned around after a few mins and said it was one of the best fucks she had since she got married. I looked down and could see my cum starting to flow out her pussy lips. we both got cleaned up and headed back to the party, before we went our separate ways Jane said to meet her before the end of the night . more to follow.