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chemical attraction

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She was hungry to experience him, she undressed and waited patiently while he went about his business locking up and closing doors.. Her whole body tingled with anticipation, she had wanted him from the moment she met him, they flirted and exchanged glances but never quite managed to take it to the next level.. He slid into bed beside her, her body ached for his touch , he kissed her passionately his tongue probing deep into her mouth , she pressed her body to his , she felt his cock harden instantly and kissed her with urgency¦ his hand cupped her breast and he whispered in her ear, ive wanted you for so long. His hands moved all over her body , stroking her legs . She parted them for him, his finger slid to her aching wetness , she moaned, he plunged his fingers inside her, she was so fucking hot, and so wet, he wanted to taste her, lick me she commanded as he slid downwards between her legs , his tongue lapped rhythmically on her clit and she felt a rush of liquid to her pussy ..he licked her pulsing clit and rammed his tongue inside her.. She moaned loudly as he drank her juices , her body was on fire aching for him to posess her He lay back and allowed her to inspect his throbbing cock..she quickly took it in her mouth and began sucking the length of his shaft his cock throbbed as he watched her lick his balls and suck him deeper than he had ever been sucked before fuck she knew how to suck cock he felt his orgasm building she sensed it and drew her mouth away from him. She lay with her legs spread and demanded he fuck her now..he slid into her aching pussy and rammed her hard.. Ride me she moaned he fucked her deep and hard whilst he watched her expression she was a filthy bitch she sucked her fingers and stroked her pussy while he pumped her. They changed position and she sat astride him her beautiful breasts positioned over his mouth he sucked hard on her erect nipple as she screwed him till his cock could take no more he fed it to her greedy mouth and she sucked him dry,........ To be continued

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