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18 Aug 2020


All men cheat


3 minute read

I worked in a shoe shop up until last year. My boss was the ultimate sleaze bag. our uniforms,white shirt very loose around the boobs and a short black mini skirt. He had fucked most of the girls that had worked in the shop at one time or another. He used to get one of us to stay back on a friday to do a stock take. This would be him standing at the bottom of a ladder with a clipboard while one of us girls would be up the top of the ladder calling out shoe sizes. One of the younger girls told me that the first time she was rostered to do the stocktake she didn't realize she would be up a ladder and she had no knickers on. She thought this was hilarious. My husband hated him with a passion as did i. I caught my husband having affair with his running partner who lived 10 doors away from us on the same housing estate. Well it wasn't me that caught them, it was her boyfriend who made her come to my house and confess . My husband said it was a mistake but I don't believe in mistakes like that. So I hatched a plan. My next friday to do the stock take I asked my husband to wait outside in the car as I was uncomfortable with my boss. He was only too delighted. So I started the stocktake and eventually made my way up the ladder keeping my legs as far apart as possible without looking like a total slut, I have no knickers on so my boss had a smashing view. I could see the bulge in his trousers and after 20mins or so I came down the ladder telling me boss I'd pulled my groin coming down the ladder, I asked him had he got a medical kit with some deep heat or something he said he'd have a look , I told him to follow me into the ladies. As he entered the ladies all he had was some cooling gel, I asked if he'd mind putting it on for me, he was pretty shocked but said yes so I took off my skirt and exposed my newly shaved pussy. I took his hand a put it on my pussy ''is this what your looking for'' he fingered me as I took off my shirt and bra he told me to leave my heels on so I get on my knees and take out his dick and its very impressive, so I suck his cock only for awhile as its difficult when its a big dick because your jaw bone gets sore very quickly. He turns me around and fucks my pussy from behind he then starts to rub the cooling gel into my asshole and then he goes for it, he takes he dick out and pushes into my arse. Now this would be my first anal and I didn't think a dick that size would fit up there but it did, now my boss lost it, he was pounding me at 100mph and calling me a dirty slut and spread them arse cheeks. It was rough,he made sure to get every inch of his dick into my arse with every thrust. My phone was hoping as my husband was standing outside wondering where I was. Then he started to knock on the door of the shop. But my boss was struggling to come. As the knocks on the door got louder my boss started to go faster and harder which was tough on me. Eventually he blow his load in my ass and as I stood up he pushed me onto my knees to suck the rest of his cum. The two of us got sorted and headed out to my husband. He knew by our flushed faces something was up. But he would find it hard to believe his wife had nearly 8 inches up her arse while he was knocking on the door. I continue to cheat on my husband to this day. His fault.

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