Written by bigshoes2008

28 Nov 2009

i was at home last wed nite and all on my own and usual feck all on telly so decided to pop on a phone chatline to see what it was all about...u ring in,leave an introduction or what ur looking for and then browse through people online..

well as a typical guy i gave a message to each woman that was on and got a few replies but one girl who was being very cautious at the start caught my imagination..we chatted a bit on the chatline and then swapped numbers so we could text offline..

so texting was just normal chat for a while and even though we were in the same county i never asked exactly where in the county she was..to my amazement we only lived a mile apart..

upon finding this out the chat started getting really horny and we rang eachother and had some phone sex..this was 3hrs after i had inaitlly rang first..(slow starter eh) haha

well fuk me the conversation was so much i asked would she like to meet now and wow she said yes please and that she would come to mine seeming i was on my own..i asked her to wear something really sexy and to send me a teasing pic of what it was before she left..

10mins later there was a knock on my door and i opened it to find a stunner of a woman wearing a very long overcoat at my door..my cock got aroused immediately ..i was in a pair of pj's legs and t-shirt and she could see my cock bulging through..

she walked in the door and then as she shut it behind her she slipped off the overcoat to reveal black silk top with her nipples pounding through tryin to burst out and black french knickers with stockings and knee high boots...i rem thinking holy shitballs xmas has come early,i hope i don't..

well with all the chat and texting earlier there was nothing more than just lead her to the bedroom..

more to follow :)