Written by Anonymous

26 Jun 2009

My last storey about liverpool brough back memories about a chance meeting i had while staying at a friends place for the weekend in south London he was away on holidays and was getting some work done and asked me to stay over and keep an eye on things.. Mick has a nice place so thought why not also a chance to catch up with a few friends that side of town...

After a heavy Friday night on the town with friends I was glad to see the guys finish early on Saturday, I went to the shop about lunch time to get something to eat and a cure lol.. On the way home walking down the street it was a lovely sunny day very warm when I spot this woman probably about 40ish carrying 2 shopping bags in each hand that both looked way to heavy for her slight frame, so as you do I asked if I could help her carry her shopping looks like we are heading in the same direction, she looked me up and down kind of suspiciously and said well if you don't mind that's very nice of you.

We introduced ourselves her name was Beth, so I took two of the bags off of her and off we walked, when I looked at her I realised what a stunning looking woman she was for her age, she had no make up on (didn't need it), she was slim with pert boobs was wearing a short denim skirt with a black strappy top no bra that I could see of as I could see the outline of her nipples (allways a plus), flat shoes and was lightly tanned, all in all looks to die for.

As we walked we chatted about this and that to pass the time away it was nice just walking and talking with this pretty older woman in the sun, anyway we finally got to her house which was close to my friends place she said she often seen him around, she was located up the end of a cul de sac, micks place at the other end.She put her bags down and fumbled in her bag and found her keys opened the door picked her bags up and went in, I asked her where did she want me to put the bags half expecting her to say leave them at the door but she didn't she said `bring them through to the kitchen if you don't mind', so I followed her through into the kitchen with my bags and lifted them up and put them on the work top.

Beth then asked me if id like to stop for a drink as it was hot and I had been so kind to her I replied `id be delighted' so Beth said `just let me get this shopping put away and I will get that drink for you' I started getting the shopping out of the bags and putting it on the side for her to put away when in one of the bags I came across some new undies a thong and bra set in delicate white lacy material I held them up and said `well they will look nice on' she went cherry and grabbed them off of me with a cheecky little grin ` I forgot those were in there trust you to get that bag'.

With the shopping put away she asked me what id like to drink to which I replied `tea would be fine' she said why don't you go and sit out in the garden I will bring it out when its ready' so off I go into the garden looking around I could see that it was completely secluded there was no one overlooking the garden at all and better still it faced south west and would have the sun in it all day and into the evening !

I also noticed only one sun bed which I thought a bit strange.

Beth came out with the tea and put it on the table I remarked what a lovely sunny garden it was she piped up `yes and completely secluded that's how come I don't have any tan lines' !

I said `what you sunbath out here naked' `yes she says all the time I love it being naked out in the sun and if you don't mind I will go and get my sun tan oil and get you to put some on my back' with that she dissappeared off into the house and reappeared a few minutes later minus her top exposing her beautiful pert boobs the nipples were stuck out like thimbles.

`Who am I to complain' I said as she was climbing out of her denim skirt just standing there in her thong.

She then proceeded to lay out a towel and a pillow on the sunbed before hooking her thumbs into the waist band of her thong and peeling it off, standing there completely naked putting her hair into a bun thing with the smoothest pussy I had seen in a long long time in front of me I couldn't help but say `wow fantatsic figure your really are quite stunning, how old are you if you don't mind me asking' `Forthy Two' she said and `thanks' by this time she was on the sunbed and laying face down exposing a lovely rounded cute bum, well with all this going on ole mr whippy had stirred and was taking an interest in proceedings.

I asked her why only the one sunbed to wich she replied `I live alone as I split up with my Husband 4 months ago he was seeing someone else and the kids are at Uni'

I said `your kidding me he was seeing someone else, the guys crazy or blind !

By this time Beth was up on her elbows I said do you want your back oiling ? `please' she said with that I put some oil in my hands and rubbed them together to warm the oil and starting on her shoulders I began to massage the oil into her lovely soft skin.

`mmm' she said that feels nice, I drizzled some oil on hoping it would run around towards her boobs I let my hands wander down her side where I could feel the side of her boobs she breathed in sharply, I carried on and slid my oiled hands across her boobs feeling her nipples grow and harden as I did so.

My dick was well and truly awake by now !!

I then moved down towards the small of her back and drizzled a bit more oil on her right by the crack of her bum, I began to massage her bum and as I did so she opened her legs slightly, needing no more of an invitation I was massaging oil into her bum crack touching her bum hole made her gasp as I ran my fingers across it, I worked my way down to her pussy lips and then on down her thigh all the way to her foot and then started to work my way up the other leg back towards her pussy.

I could smell her she was so turned on her pussy lips were glistening in the sun, as I got near to her pussy she opened her legs even wider giving me a completely unrestricted view of her bum and pussy, I started rubbing her pussy lips another gasp escaped her lips I slid a finger into her another gasp I began finger fucking her and gently probed her anus with my thumb, a huge gasp and a shudder and I new she was cumming she had started to push back onto my fingers my thumb was deep in her bum by this time, she said `oh I cant take this any more FUCK me I need it now' well as my dick had been straining at the leash for the last 10 mins he didn't take a lot of coaxing to come out just the thought of shagging this georgous older woman was enough for me...

Beth roled over and undid my trousers ny cock was like a rod of iron I stood up and let her pull my trousers and pants down, `fuck me' she said `oh Im going to' I said with that I took my top off and was as naked as she.

Beth had sat up and had my cock head in her mouth and was giving him a good seeing to god it was nice, `take me from behind she said I love that position and promptly turned away from me exposing her pussy and ass to me I rubbed up and down her crack over her bum and down to her pussy Beth pushed back as I pushed forward and in one smooth lunge i was inside her tight pussy, she let out a huge groan as my bollacks were slammed into her I withdrew all the way out and plunged my full length into her again and again this was driving her crazy I then started to turn my attention to her bum as I plunged in and out of her I started to finger her bum which made her groan even more she started to shudder again as she reached another orgasm by this time i was ready to dump my load I quickened my pace and as I came I plunged in as deep as I could go and let rip and pumped her full of spunk she groaned again as I emptied my seed into her, spent I collapsed onto her back reaching round to squeeze her rock like nipples.

`God that was amazing, I never been fucked like that' she said, as i softened and slid out of her she turned and took him in her mouth and cleaned him off `plenty more where that came from I said' she smiled up at me and said `I hope so'

We sat and relaxed in the sun her on the sunbed me in the chair chatting like we have known each other for years, she told me all about the break up with her husband and how hurt she had been and lonely and never done anything like this before

By this i time was starting to rise from his slumber Beth soon spotted his head rising up `get on the bed she said its my turn to ride you' I laid back on the sunbed she straddled me and lowered herself onto me all the way down it was amazing to be buried to the hilt in this 42 year old woman I leant forward and took one of her nipples into my mouth sucking and biting gently on it feeling it grow and harden under my caresses, I put my other hand down and found her clit and started to stimulate her it didn't take long before she started to shake and shudder, I had never seen a orgasm so quickly, she slumped down on to me I was still buried deep inside her we cuddled and stroked each like we had know each for ages

Beth started to ride me again long slow strokes she was loving every one of them she would gasp on nearly every downward stroke as I filled her completely.

I said to her that I was going to come and she just carried on and said `cum in me i want to feel your spunk in me' moments later I erupted for the second time and filled her to overflowing spunk was running out of her she was so tight she started another orgasm it was just awesome she collapsed again hanging on to me exhausted I slid out of her along with a torrent of our mixed juices `that she said was simply incredible' I was still recovering to say anything !!

She said come on lets go freshen up with that we both got up both still completely naked like it was the most natural thing in the world and went into the house, I followed her up to the bathroom where we both hopped into the shower .

We both stood there in the the shower just looking at each other before for the first time it was like two lovers,not someone who had just meet eah other we soaped each other down kissed and cuddled finally got out and dried each other off , Beth put some clean clothes on I was still naked however and had to go to the garden to retrieve my clothes.

Beth asked if I would like to stop for something to eat, I said to her ` Yes do you fancy a takeaway Indian, Chinese my treat?' `I would love an Indian its my favourite' she replied, `Indian it is then, my treat' she called the order in and we while waited for it to be delivered we were chatting Beth explained that she has been so lonely for a long time and it was nice to have a man around the house and was suprised i was attracted to a much older woman, I tod her she had a fantastic body and very attractive age had nothing to do with it... grabbing the bull by the horns I said `well I can stop over if you like, I'm on my own also tonight no one at home waiting for me and to be quite honest I couldn't think of a nicer person to spend the night with' she looked at me for a few seconds before replying ` OK I have a spare room' and burst out laughing she cuddled up to me and said ` I would love you to stop with me'.

Just then the door bell went Beth jumped up to answer it `don't forget this is my treat ` I said I followed her out and paid the delivery guy, we unpacked and laid the meal out on plates a bottle of wine was opened and we went out into the garden to eat alfresco in the early evening sun We had sex again outside that evening it was a great weekend....

I did meet beth a few more times over the next few months and was alot of fun.... still keep in touch every now and again when i'm in London even though she has re married.