Written by Anonymous

1 Feb 2020

A few years ago I'd been seeing Daniel for hot sex and to be honest I couldn't get enough of him. So when Jim, my hubby, told me he was having a night out with the lads I took the chance and invited Daniel round. After some chit chat we couldn't keep our hands off each other and in no time his shorts were round his ankles and my little red panties were off with my bra pushed up around my neck as he sucked my boobs while fingering my soaking pussy.

We kissed long and hard while I wanked his rigid cock and I could tell he was ready to ride me then and there on the couch. I didn't want that. I wanted him to take me in our marriage bed so I stood up, still holding his tool and he pulled up his pants and let me lead him to bed.

Within a few minutes we were both naked and his head was buried between my legs while I sucked his rock hard cock and balls. By the time he got me on my back with my legs spread I'd already had a few cums and another one ran through me as he slipped his gorgeous tool into my honey jar.

He started nice and slowly, slipping back and forward, fondling my big boobs and kissing me, then he sped up and I wrapped my legs around his ass to drive him further into me.

Pulling out he grabbed me by the waist to spin me round and as I got on all fours with my ass pointing up, like a bitch in heat, for that's what I was, he mounted me and fucked me hard doggy style. I started to whimper and then moan as I pushed my pussy against his plunging cock.

At this point the bedroom door opened and there stood Jim, looking shocked. "The night out was cancelled, why didn't you tell me you were bringing Daniel over to ride you?"

Daniel was still pounding into me and I smiled weakly unable to talk with my insides like jelly.

Jim had his cock out now, wanking furiously as he watched and when Daniel pulled out and shot his hot spunk all over my ass and back Jim shot off too, into his hand.

When he went to the bathroom to clean up Daniel rolled me on to my back and put his semi into my mouth. I was licking and sucking him hard again when Jim came back in. I took Daniel's cock out of my mouth to tell him, " Looks like it's the spare room for you tonight honey."