28 Jul 2018

My car broke down coming. From Belfast. I jumped. On. Bus i sat beside. A mature. Lady as tbe bus got out in the country. The driver switched off the inside lights it was winter. It was a old bus no. Heating. The lady beside me had a skirt on big tits nice face she must have been feeling. The cold becuse she took a blanket. From her bag and send do you mind if i put it over both. Of use its very. Cold so she did i fell. Asleep. And when. I woke ip we were just out side cavan long. Way to. Dublin. I started. Feeling my cock. Under the blanket. Lady looked like she was sleeping my cock was rock hard i took it out of my jeans and iwas wanking it nice and slowly. The ladys legs opened. A bit i was so hard i put. My hand under the hem of her skirt. Slowly rising it up and my hand was getting. Closer to her knickers. My heart. Was in my mouth. I was mad horny. But afraid. Sbe would. Wake up and start. Screaming. So i stopped. For a moment. But i noticed. Her legs were. Opening. More. And i was sure i could. Smell. Pussey. Juice so i kept going to. I. Got to her. Panties i felt. The front of them and they were. Soaking. Wet i nearly. Cum in my. Jeans i sneaked my hand in the side of her panties i could feel a lot of hair and a really wet pussey. Swollen. Lips i rubbed her clit up and down she moaned. Open her eyes smiling at me she whispers. Please take my panties. Of so i did they were soaking. I put them to my nose and sniff them i was still. Fingering her when she see me sniffing. Her panties. She let out a moan and cum over my fingers. I had to lick up every. Drop at this stage she had her hand in my jocks feeling my cock and balls whisper to me its a great. Cock. You have oh by the way i forgot. To tell you im 18 lady was at least55 she said i want uou in my mouth. In my pussey. Ive not been so horny. In years since. My husband died she said when we get to dublin. Im going to. Let you fuck the ass of me if you reader's. Want to hear what. Happened. Next please ask and i will finish story