Written by BigTom

15 Oct 2016

My wife Kate, her best friend of many years Mike, and his wife Julie, have been friends for years and are constantly out together and in one others houses. Julie is more straight laced than us, we mess about and flirt outrageously. Lately Julie has drifted from us as, and never wants to go out any more.

Last week we were out as usual and ended up back at ours, it was like every other time, more drinks, music and flirting. I was dancing with Kate and suddenly she started kissing me deeply, I sensed a change in her behaviour and when I put my hands up her skirt, I found her panties soaking wet. I kissed her deeply and felt her tits, she didn't object so I removed her blouse and bra to reveal her pert tits to Mike. Kate said "let's go to the bedroom ", and as we did she nodded for Mike to follow as she slipped off her panties and skirt on the way. Once there I kissed her again and fingered her pussy, I pushed her back on the bed and went down on her pussy. She beckoned Mike to her, got his cock out and took it in her mouth. All the things we used to joke about were now happening, she sucked Mike as he played with her tits. I ate her sweet pussy which was so wet, she wanted cock, so I told Mike she was ready, he stripped and stood at the end of the bed, his cock hard and ready. He asked if she was sure, "yes Mike, just fuck me ", so Mike got between her legs and slowly eased his cock into my wife's pussy. I stripped and offered my cock for Kate to suck, when I was hard I changed with Mike and fucked her pussy after her friends cock slipped out. We put Kate on her all fours, Mike rode her from behind and I fucked her mouth. Kate was having multiple orgasms as Mike fucked her cunt hard from behind, he was saying "oh Kate, this is amazing, I love your pussy, I always dreamed of fucking it". This was driving us crazy with lust, I held her head as I felt my balls tighten and unloaded my cum in her mouth forcing her to swallow it, at the same time I watched as her friend shouted "yes Kate, I'm coming in your pussy" his face contorted as he filled my wife's cunt with his cum.

After a brief rest we continued to fuck Kate all night, I even fucked her arse while she rode Mikes cock. What a night that was.