Written by hornycouple1980

12 Nov 2012

My partner and I have a new fuck buddy we reguraly meet up with for filthy fun.We met caroline a few months ago while out in temple bar in Dublin and she knew we were into swinging and threesomes and she was intrested in having a threesome with us.Ever since weve being sex in our house whenever we can.

Caroline always wanted to get fucked while other people watched but she was so adorably shy she wouldnt take part in any sex partys with us so we decided to try dogging.Caroline thought it was a great idea and her and my partner started getting ready for our nights fun.They both had on high heels and stockings walking around the house we were all so horny thinking about the night ahead Caroline and my partner kept rubbing each others wet fannys and pulling each others nipples while getting ready.My partner loves her anal beads and while i was getting dressed i was able to watch Caroline licking my partners asshole and easing in her anal beads while my partner crawled across the bedroom floor and sucked my dick until i came in her mouth.

We eventually got into the car and headed off both women sitting in the back of the car dressed in only high heels,stockings and jackets giggling as they continued licking and teasing each others nipples i nearly crashed the car I dont know how many times.We arrived in a well known dogging spot in Dublin were we were greated by flashing lights and couples already fucking each other in there cars while other couples watched.We went over to a car a big BMW were there was 2 women on the back seat and fucking each other with dildos.My partner started rubbing Caroline I could tell my partner was getting horny so I layed her on the back seat of the car and started easing out her beads out of her arse.A little treat shed left in so her arse was ready straight away for my dick.Caroline leaning in the other back door with her gorgeous big ass on display and eagerly waiting for a dick to fuck it.I eased my dick up my partners ass while she sucked on her nipples slowly building up speed until i was fucking her tight ass with deep strokes just like she likes it.Caroline was now lying on the bonnet of the car with a dick in her mouth and pussy with 3 other men waiting to fuck her all wanking over the sight of her getting fucked and she was loving it.I came up my partners ass and she walked around to the bonnet to watch Caroline getting fucked.My partner started rubbing Carolines swollen clit and pulling her nipples.What a sight it was Caroline now straddling a dick while sucking 1 and wanking 2 others off while my partner with cum dripping out of her ass was sucking her nipples and easing her anal beads up carolines tight asshole.Caroline laid down and all 5 men cmae all over her face,tits and pussy while my partner and I watched our shy fuck buddy turn into a super slut in front of us.Caroline came home with us and all she could talk about all the way home was how slutty she felt and she loved it.Both girls went up and had a well deserved bath while I got more wine and a chinese in.

Weve since being introduced to a couple who are into watersports so were gonna meet up with them in the coming weeks so Il have another story in a few days hopefully :-)