Written by Anonymous

10 Aug 2009

Travelling home from work one friday i was feeling exceptionally aroused thinking about the weekend ahead.I was wearing my usuall work uniform white blouse short navy skirt hold up stockings and heels. I couldn,t help but have a sneaky feel of my wet crotch as i sat across from a middle age gent who was doing anything but read his paper.I text my b/f to inform him of the situation and to tease him and he dared me to wank myself there and then.I slipped my hand down the top of my skirt into my wet panties as discreetly as i could but i couldnt muffel my sounds of disere so i stopped. the gent now sitting across from me was obviously staring at me as i squeezed my thighs together dying for relif.I text my b/f again and he said to flash my sheer thong at the guy for a laugh as he was horny too just thinking about it so i did i slowly spread my legs a little wondering how wet i looked.the guys jaw dropped now looking over the top of his paper.God i wanted to wank there and then but i knew i hadent the bottle.my nipples now pertruding through my blouse my frustration must be obvious.My b/f texts and dares me to ask the guy to take a pic with my phone and send it to him.I say to the guy my bf has dared me to ask a stranger to take a pic would you oblige he says no problem so i hand him my phone open my legs wide and he takes the pic.Embaressed he says nice knickers how about a pic without them i send bf first pic and the strangers suggestion but he replies no thats going to far unfortunately while waiting for his reply i had allready taken them of and let the stranger take the pic.now he is staring straight at my swollen pussyasking can he touch i nod and he slides beside me fingers me hard while caressing my swollen clit and i cum hard in minutes.minutes later i leave the guy my wet thong as a souviner and get off the bus a bit dissapointed i hadnt time to return the favour maybe next friday.ps sorry its so long hope not too boring.xxxxxxxxxxxx