Written by Dublin-fun

13 Aug 2011

Me and my Girl were in a pub in Dublin one night and we had often fantasised about ahving another guy or girl join us. To make sex better recently we have pretended to be strangers and fucking behind each others back or she'd come home from night out and pretend she'd fucked the taxi driver just seconds before coming to bed to me, its real turn on but has always just been fantasy for us.

But the last weekend in pub, she saw this guy at the bar she thought was hot and she told me. At first i was a little pissed off but lets be honest ive looked at hundreds of birds in front of her. Anyway, few drinks later, I told her to flirt with him so she went to bar and talked bit to him.

She came back and turns out he was brazilian. so we invited him over to have a drink and funnily enough, he was about to elave as had been stood up by a girl (i thought good, serves you right you handsome bastard, ha ha). But anyway back to the point, wer had a drink or two and then i asked would he like to fuck mel, my gf.

He said yes and as conversation went on it became more real that it would actually happen. He lived in city so was close by. I wanted to come and watch but he said no he would not be into that so we were going to leave it but Mel was very into him. they scored each other and honextly, ive never been so hard watching it. He told me he would record it and i could watch then but not watch in the room as it would put him off. Sop to cut the story short, she went with him to his apartment and he fucked her bare back. i have a vid of about 7 mins of it before he turned it off. I have to say, he fucked her very very very well from the bit i saw and had her moaning and creaming herself all over his dick. Now when we fuck she always talks to me about hjis cock and how it went deeper than i ever can, it drives me insane and i cum almost instantly.\That night when she did get home and i fucked her, she told me he came twice inside her. he tried ass fucking her but she wouldnt let him. I have a vieo to prove this and she constantly tells me what happened after he turned it off but changes the story all the time and truth is i dont fully know but its so hot when i fuck her anxd ask her and she tells me different filthy stories every time.

But still the best thing of it all was fucking her pussy after and knowing his cum was deep in there and how stretched it was from him fucking my girl. SO HOT!