Written by Anonymous

29 Jan 2010

10 am "kelly" drops in for a brew,the minute she,s inside i lead her upstairs to the bedroom where we undress each other and i lie on the bed, she kneels beside me and starts to suck my rock hard cock, nice soft wet sucks as she teases my bell end with her tongue, i play with her pussy and she positions her self so i can bury my face in her already moist pussy, her slurps turn to moans n light giggles as i bury my tongue in her as deep as i can before sucking and gently nibbling her clit, i feel her inner thighs n bum cheeks getting slippery as she grinds her pussy back into my face as she gushes her love juice, then she sits up and turns and impales herself on my cock and begins to softly and slowly turn and twist her hips as i lean forward to suck her beautyiful tits,she begins then to grind down on my cock as she nears orgasm before finaly screaming out then lying her head down on my chest exausted, so i grap the cheeks of her arse as she wraps her arms around my neck and i pound her as best i can till i shoot streams of hot cum deep into her.just to add, my middle aged neighbour wants to fuck on cam but is terrified some1 some how might identify her,