Written by Anonymous

15 Jan 2010

After getting let go earlier this year i became a stay at home dad while my wife took on more hours at work which meant me being bored silly at home once i got the kids to school and got the chores done,after telling my next door neighbour how bored i got she started calling round for coffee and a chat during the day as she was a housewife and felt the same as her hubby worked long hours and her 2 sons had left home for college.any how 1 morning the subject turned to sex,more so her lack of it to which i jokingly replied "well sein as your here now" without another word she slid off the sofa and knelt between my legs and unzipped my cock, she then said stop me anytime you want,she sucked n slurped n licked my cock till i came thick n fast which she swallowed, by now i was so randy for her i pulled of her jeans and threw her on the sofa pushing her knees to her chest i slid my cock into her dripping wet pussy and banged away as she cried out with delight till i came again deep inside her.as you might guess i look forward to her daily visits.