29 Mar 2020

Since the lockdown for Covid 19 its been hard not being able to leave the house to meet any friends, so I just had to find new ways to have a bit of fun by playing with my clit.

As always when toying with my clit, I just had to watch it, So I took out my mirror and assumed the position. I put a glass of ice water by my bed and started to rub my clit in the usual way. A few minutes of medium instensity stimulation was all that was needed to get a generous flow of pussy juice started. After I made myself wet to my satisfaction, I dipped my fingers into the glass of ice water and allowed them to soak for a while. My pussy was deprived of that oh-so-sweet massage, but I waited in anticipation of what will come.

After a while, I used my index and middle fingers of my left hand to spread and hold open my labia and placed the iced fingers of my right hand on that pink, shiny inner surface of my already aroused pussy.

Ooooo! What a shock to the system! The coldness of my fingers combined with the warmth of my engorged mucous membranes kicked my level of arousal up. My pussy instantly tightened with pleasure upon feeling the temperature contrast. And because my fingers were cold, my pussy felt even hotter to the touch. I masturbated this way, moving my fingers up and down repeatedly along that entire pink inner surface of my spread labia from cunt to clit. I enjoyed the sight of my pussy savoring the chill of my fingers. I masturbated like this until my fingers were no longer cold. Then I plunged them back into the ice water.

Waiting for my fingers to chill in the water again was hard to endure, my poor pussy clenched and gaped as it begged for the return of that magic touch. There was a dull ache in my erect clit as it was momentarily deprived of attention. After what seemed like an incredibly long time, I placed my re-chilled fingers back onto that hot, pink surface. Ahhhh! ! Again, the shock of the cold stimulated and excited me. This time, instead of rubbing up and down, I rubbed in circles. I enjoyed a longer period of stimulation the second time, not wanting my fingers to leave my pussy.

But I steeled my willpower and wrenched my fingers away one last time. This constant interuption of clit stimulation was driving my pussy wild. I felt sorry for my pussy as it clenched, gaped, and weeped. The whole thing was completely excruiciating. I couldn't stand to wait it out, so I began rubbing my clit with my left hand fingers while my right hand fingers soaked in the icy water. Left handed clit rubbing is not the most satisfying for me. I worked my clit with the left hand as best as I could, but I was at a place where nothing short of my right hands learned expertise would be sufficient. I whimpered anxiously as my right hands fingers continued to chill.

Finally! I hurriedly brought my right hand to my pussy once again... almost knocking over the glass of water. This time, there would be no stopping. I threw the mirror aside and slid down from a partially sitting up position to lying down completely. The chill and the sudden intense and frenzied movements on my clit brought me to the teetering edge very quickly. I went at my clit real hard and fast. When I'm at this stage, the way I go about at my clit is kind of like that hard and fast motion of beating eggs. Round and round my fingers went. My entire arm was getting into the action, churning my pussy with uncontrolled abandon.

I climaxed like I knew I would, crying out in a series of throaty aaaaasrrrrrgggghhh ,My back arched, and my legs straightened out, tensed, and kicked. When it was all over, I was completely worn out. Afterwards, I laid in bed with my fingers still on my clit for some time, recovering from my orgasm. Feeling somewhat parched, I took a drink from the glass of ice water scented with my essence to quench my thirst.

Oh... heavenly, xx