Written by Unknown

18 Aug 2012

Something I never thought I would do, I am the kind of person who hands money in if I find it, im a very moral person or so I thought.

Me and my wife married young at 20, bought a house and had 4 children before we reached 30, I worked in construction and my wife was a stay at home mum. About 5 years ago another cple moved in next door to us and despite our best efforts at hospitality they seemed quite aloof, we just assumed this was because they were a professional cple in their early thirties and with no children, over the years we just said hello to each other and rarely talked, in fact I often got pleasure in reminding them how they paid nearly double for there house than what we paid, although on a personal level I had a dislike for them both due to them being so obnoxious I always had the hots for "Sinead" 5ft5ish, slim figure, perky tits and black hair, for the pat 18 months I have been working partime in a local quarry and was often home early in the afternoon to admire Sinead arriving home in her smart, figure hugging work outfits any attemps at conversation were usually rebuffed.

Just after Christmas my wife took the kids to her parents for the weekend which gave me the chance for a night out in Galway with my younger brother who is at college there, he stays up there even when college is on a break as there is little to do at home. On this particular Saturday night we were drinking in various places around Eyre square when I spotted Sinead with a group of people laughing and drinking, I was about to walk over when I noticed one of the guys had his arm around her waist and giving her a arse a good squeeze to which I could see she was smiling at him in a flirty way, at closing time me any bro and his friends headed to the nearest chipper when I caught sight of Sinead and her man friend this time alone, I watched as they slipped into one of the underground car parks near by, I followed and was shocked to see her on her knees slobbering all over this guys cock, I took out my phone and began recording as he hitched up her skirt and began fucking her against the wall, after about 3 minutes he must have came. When i went back to the chipper I showed him the recording and told hime my wife would get a good laugh out of it at that stuck up bitch as she calls her, but my brother said if I were you I would use it for my own needs which got me thinking.

A few weeks later I gathered up the courage to approach Sinead as she came in from work I said I have something you should see, after watching a few secs of the video she went red and asked was I going to tell her husband to which I replied that perhaps we could figure something out, she explained that she was drunk and that it was a work night out where one of her male colleagues had taken advantage of her, I took her number and said I would text her one of the days. The following Monday I txted her and informed her that I would meet her on her way from work and that she was to follow me, my uncle who lives in England trusted me to check on his house from time to time. When we arrived at the house she followed me in and asked me what I wanted, I led her to the bedroom where I asked her to strip, she replied if I do this you delete whats on the phone and I nodded, she stripped down to her matching white lacy knickers and bra set, I stood behind her and ran my hands all over her body before undoing her bra and slipping her knickers down, again I ran my hand all over her before turning her around so I could suck and kiss her tits, I stripped and lay on the bed with my rock hard cock throbbing, at this she just sighed and sat on the bed beside me and began to suck my cock, as she sucked I slipped 2 fingers in to her well manicured pussy and began to slowly work them in and out, I could feel her getting moist as she began to gyrate her hips and really start slurping and licking my cock, I stopped her and rolled her onto her back so I could sink my tongue into her pussy, as I licked and sucked her clit she tried not to moan but groaned as I buried my tongue into her now soaking pussy, she pulled me up to her and kissed me passionately as she used her hand to guide my cock into her pussy she wrapped her legs around my waist as we fucked, she was so wet yet when she cried she was going to cum it felt like a water ballon had burst inside her as she soaked me and the sheets with her love juices, I sucked her tits hard as I slowed my pace and shot spurts of hot spunk deep inside her, we lay on the bed in silence for about ten minutes before she got up and dressed, she demanded my phone so she could delete the video after which she walked out to her car and drove away. About 2 weeks later she rang me during her lunch break and asked did I have any more copyies of the recording to which I replied no I swear, she stunned me when she said please I will do anything I dont need proof weather you have copies or not, I told her I would be at my uncles house that evening if she wanted to drop in on her way home which she did and continues to do so on a weekly basis, she has never asked about any recordings since.