Written by roy16

29 Apr 2013

At the weekend my wife and I atteneded a 21st birthday party of a family friend. It was a bit away from home so we decided to book a rom for the night which also meant we didn't know that many of the people present. There were a lot of young guys present around the 21 mark and a good few fellows who play rugby with the birthday boy. The partyy was going well and we were both mingling when my wife came over to me and touched my cock trough my jeans. She whispered, I need a drink and I went and got her a bicardi breezer, which she likes. When I returned from the bar I said are you horny babe, thinking she wanted to go up to the room. She said I am and so is he, looking over at young guy at the bar who she had been speaking too. I asked if she wanted to go over a flirt with him. She said I have been and he's hot. I asked her to go over again and I'll join you in a while. She did and I watched from a distance. Almost instantly he had her on the dance floor and both where getting close. It was now late on and this guy about mid 20's dancing with my horny wife was pleasing me. she was rubbing her leg in betwen his and his hand were beginning to wander. They came off after short time and she introduced him. He was taken aback but I quickly made him feel comfortable by saying i was cool with it. We had a drink and invited him to our room. We left firts and told him the room number and he arrived about 10 min later. This gave me a changce to work on her and rub up her fanny and remove her thong. She was dripping and couldn't wait to have. I opened the dorr and she lay on the bed with her skirt raised and legs open. I suggested her carry on with her and I'd watch. He approached her and leaned over her to kiss her. She immediately went for his trousers belt and opened it which meant he responded by starting to undress her. Very soon they were both naked and as a fit rugby player his very fine torso and equally impressive cock were there for her to play with. She rolled him over and got on top and started kissing his chest gently biting his nipples as she lowered down towards hi cock. She stopped and had a looked saying mmmmmmmmmmmmm whilst gently biting her own lower lip. His cock wasn't the longest but the girth impressed her. She opened wide went got work on it filling her mouth. She only sucked for a short time and apologised to him saying it was too thick for her mouth. He played with her and she asked him to lick her which he did briefly before she was begging for his cock. She climbed back onto him slowly taking him inside her wet pussy. She said it felt tight in her and made her groan as she slowly started to girate on him. It wasn't long before she was in full flight with his hands on her hips controlling her movements. He then blew his load in her and uncontrollably rammed his cock up her which made her scream loadly. I thought he had broke her but she loved it and continued to take him until she came some minutes later. They both rolled over and lay side by side touching one another, until he said he should go. she turned and kissed him and said thanks babe. He got dressed and left and she asked if I enjoyed it. I said I did but not as much as you. She said I can't take you now babe as I sore but did get up and gave me an amzing blow job.