Written by Young1

11 Sep 2016

After posting a recent story on here I was invited by a couple to spend a night with them. I'm 21, Paul and Ann are in their fifties. Ann is really nice, good looking with long dark hair, curvy with big tits and a natural hairy bush, which was a first for me. We met at their hotel and had a drink, Paul explained that he just likes to watch Ann being fucked, and especially by a young guy as usually the men are all of a similar age to them.

We we to the room and Paul ordered Ann and I to strip, he sat on a chair and had his cock out. He was really crude in the way he was directing us, but that was part of the game for them. "Suck that young cock and get it ready to fuck you" he ordered Ann, she got on her knees and gave me a lovely blowjob. "Get on your back and let him see your cunt", then he said " taste her cunt and eat it ", which I did, she was so wet and her pussy hair was matted together. With him watching and talking dirty I was getting really turned on, my cock was rock hard and twitching. Paul knew this and ordered me " get that young cock of yours in my wife's cunt and fuck her" I got up on her and forced my cock right into her. Ann started screaming and this was turning Paul on, hearing her being vocal. "Tell him what you want " he said, "fuck my cunt and fill it with your juice, fuck me hard". It was really amazing and I pumped her for all I was worth, he kept saying "go on, fuck my wife, ride her", I knew I was close to coming and asked Paul where would I come, "inside her, fill her cunt for me, tell him you want it ", she was roaring " fill me up, I want you to fill my pussy", and I did, with a final thrust I felt my balls empty inside her. Paul was standing beside me stroking his cock, when I pulled out he just got her up on all fours, her pussy was open, my cum was dripping out as Paul just slid into her. He said nothing, just held her hips and fucked her until he came. I stayed in the room for the night on the single bed.

Next morning Ann came to my bed, Paul was snoring as she climbed on top of me, we said nothing as she silently rode me until she came. She then finished me off with a blowjob, massaging my balls until I came in her mouth, she smiled up at me as she swallowed it.

They have asked me to repeat it all again and asked if I would bring a friend next time, I will for sure, maybe even two!!.