Written by TKMax

27 May 2017

Sara and I were in Dublin for the weekend and ended up in a small backstreet pub, it was unusual for us but it was pretty busy and the locals were really friendly and great fun. The life and soul of the party was the barman Jim, he was larger than life in every sense, cracking jokes and making himself the but of a lot of it because of his size, he was mid forties with quite a sizeable beer belly, pretty much the typical barman of his generation. Sara was dancing, playing pool and really having a great time. We stayed with a few locals for a lock in, playing pool and getting more raunchy with the alcohol taking over. One by one they all drifted off until it was just us and Jim left, he was playing pool with Sara and had us in stitches with his antics. The talk was turning to sexual innuendo and Jim was still putting himself down, the more Sara teased the more he found a way to distance himself from it, but Sara was saying "I bet you're just out of practice and need some help ". With that she left down her cue and went up to Jim, staring into his eyes with a smile she started to open his belt,struggling because of the size of his belly. " there's only one way to find out " she said. She pulled out a decent sized cock and started to suck it, very shortly it was at full mast, Jims eyes were closed and I think he was ready to cum right then. Sara got up and smiled at Jim, she reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties, stepped out of them, went to the pool table and bent over, she threw her skirt up on her back, spread her legs and said " let's see what you can do with that lovely cock Jim, fuck me ". Jim stood behind her and put his hand between her legs, roughly rubbing her and sticking a finger in her cunt. Realising how wet she was he got hold of his throbbing cock and lined it up with Sara's cunt. He grabbed her hips and pushed his cock into her, his belly covering her arse as he began to ride her. He didn't last long, he was soon grunting as he upped the pace before he came inside her cunt. Sara gave him her panties after wiping her cunt with them, "you need to practice Jim " she said teasing him. It was a great night and one Jim won't forget in a hurry.