Written by amberwitch

16 Sep 2014

We are into the swing scene now a few years and this happened about 3 years ago in a Hotel in Wexford. We had arranged to meet a guy from the internet for a MMF 3sum something my gf really likes. saturday night arrived and we made our way to the hotel, the guy was really nice he treated us to dinner and drinks then invited us back to his room. My gf was quite taken by him and in no time they were both naked on the bed, I had taken my video cam with me and was busy recording. He worked on her with great enthusiasm and soon had her reaching her first orgasm he used a dildo on her to begin then his tongue before finally mounting her bareback and filling her with his cum. They fucked for about an hour before they stopped, my gf was sore after his cock, he was huge. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen and he saw me looking at it when my gf went to the bathroom. He just sat on the bed with this huge knob dangling between his legs and gently lifting it showing it off. I asked can I touch it and he let me take it in my hand, it felt great. So he says to me had you ever experienced cock before , I admitted I did'nt so he said come round to the hotel tomorrow morning.

The next morning I made my way to his hotel, I did'nt say anything to the gf. I went straight up to his room and he was waiting for me. I must say I was surprised and shocked by what lay before me. He was dressed in tights and panties and wecomed me in to his room. He asked had I ever worn ladies stuff before and he presented me with a pair of panties and hold ups to put. I was turned on and wore what he gave me, then he led me to his bed and we both lay down and he started to fondle me and then he produced his large cock and started to face fuck me, I could only manage some of it, then he went to his suitcase and came back with a paddle and asked to spank me, he lay me across his lap and proceded to spank my ass, I liked this also, so when my ass was nice and red he produced some lube and slipped a finger into my bum. Slowly he worked my ass and when he could get two fingers up he slipped on a rubber and made me kneel up on the bed. Gently he prodded my ass with his cock and slowly he shoved his cock intomy ass. First time taken by a man. When he was done he made me kneel in front of him and suck his cock. This was something I always wanted to do as it looks so sexy weather its a man or a woman doing it. All my fantasies had come true that Sunday morning, I was spanked, wore tights and panties, facefucked and here i was on my knees before a real man giving him a BJ.

We met a few times after that, he was'nt gay just a guy with a big dick that knew how to use it, he had loads of girlfriends and plenty of other mens wives .

I have tried to meet similiar be to no avail.

Best experience ever, I told my gf about it eventually last year and she did'nt mind.