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Betrayed by a friend

"Thought she was my friend"
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Published 8 months ago
Back when I was 24years old I had been living with my boyfriend in a flat in dublin for 3years. I was totally in love with him. My best friend since we were children got into trouble and ended up staying with me for a month. I was the only one working my boyfriend was in college anyway after about 3 weeks we where all having dinner in the flat when I caught my friend giving my boyfriend a look, my mouth immediately ran dry and a panic came over me. I knew there was something between them. So I decided to starve them. I stayed off work for 3 days. On day 3rd day each of them had asked when I was going back to work so I let them know I'd be back tomorrow. The next morning they where both up to see me off. I waited about 30mins at the corner of the street before heading back to the flat. She was making that much noise they couldn't hear me entering. I opened the bedroom door and saw my friend on her back legs in the air and my boyfriend drilling her cunt. ''Fuck me joe, that's it fuck me harder joe'' then I caught her eye line and joe got the land of his life. I didn't say anything I just packed up and left. 10 years later and after 5 failed relationships due to my controlling behavior and constant paranoia. I sitting in office and I decided to do a spot check on my employees. I work for company that has 30 odd reps on the road every so often I'll give them 48hours notice change the route and spend a couple of days with them to make sure they are doing there job correctly. So out of boredom I decided to go through the guys on the road. I look them up on Facebook to see if they are family guys or jack the lads. Family guys tend to be more professional. As I'm going through each employee I spot this guy paul who is only married to my ex best friend. She is now fat with 3 kids. Im in shock I actually can't believe it. Paul gets 48hours and I tell him to a pack an over nite bag as We'll be heading to Donegal I let him know I'll be picking him up at 8.30am at his house. I arrive at pauls house but park across the rd giving a birds eye view from his front door. I see the front door open and there's fatso kissing paul goodbye. I jump out of the car and walk around to open the boot. Im wearing heels with the shortest skirt anyone has ever put on. I'm too far away for her to make me out. So we get to the hotel and Paul's phone is hopping. Fatso is feeling a bit insecure. We arrange to have dinner at 8pm. Now paul is far from a looker, he's shy and uninteresting and I'm way out of his league but paul enjoys his pints and its not long before we are back in my hotel room. It actually takes a lot of convincing for joe to get into bed with me I actually had to nearly humiliate myself. I took of all my clothes except for a pair of heads and he still wasn't interested, to loyal or gay. But I eventually got my hand inside his trousers and got a hold of his pencil dick and as soon as I started pulling that, paul was mine. The nite was uneventful, paul was shit in bed and was too drunk to ejaculate. As soon as he fell asleep I put his phone over bedside me. I never slept a wink for the whole. About 10-30am that morning Paul's phone began to vibrate, its fatso I answer but say nothing I put the phone on the floor beside the bed and I say in a loud voice are you awake paul. Then I put my hand on his pencil dick and start to pull him off. ''Oh paul your cock is awake I'll give it a quick suck'' paul is awake now ''morning I say '' he replies ''morning what time is it'' paul are you going to fuck my cunt like last nite''' all the time I'm pulling Paul's pencil dick and moving my tit closer to his mouth, yes he says before sucking on my tit. Now paul climbs on top of me and sticks his pencil dick inside me and starts to fuck me. ''Paul do you like my pussy'', yes he says ''paul are my legs spread enough for you'' yes he replies. Paul is in the heat of battle here he has that hangover ball sack that needs emptying and he won't stop until his pencil erupts. ''Paul feel my tits'' tell me what there like'' fuckin beautiful he replies. '' paul is my cunt nicer than your wifes '' paul doesn't answer '' paul is my cunt nicer than your wife's'' paul hesitates so I stop him. Paul knows sex is about to end.'' Yeah it is'' .''fuck me hard paul and keep telling me my cunt is nicer than your wife's shout it at me paul'' paul needed to ejaculate so all reason went out the window '' your cunt is nicer than my wife's'' As he got closer to ejaculation he got louder and faster. Then he let out this roar of relieve as his cum filled my cunt. So afterI sex I ask him a host of questions like am I better than her and was she always fat. I ask paul to get out of my room. I watch him as he starts to get dressed and starts to look for his phone '' oh paul are you looking this, '' 1hour and 43mins and she still hasn't hung up. '' it was vibrating earlier'' Paul's face as I handed him the phone, he could instantly see her name and 1hour 43mins. He ran out of the room. I felt sorry him but not for her.

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