Written by TCM

12 Sep 2016

Kate and I have been married for many years and have enjoyed a healthy sex life, we have had a few threesomes and are very open to trying new things. While we were on a weekend break in Berlin we visited a few strip clubs, and it was in one of those that we got invited to attend a swingers party.

We had always wanted to do this, live out the fantasy and explore it together. It was a massive place, full of people of every sort you can imagine, different nationalities and from 25 up to 70 or so. We started out in the lounge which is just like a normal bar with music, but it had large screens with porn on, some live from other floors. Once we got comfortable we got naked so we could access all areas, so many different things happening, bars, dancing and rooms where people were swapping partners. We ended up on the top floor and it was a massive room with so many people watching the show, it was a gangbang room and we watched in amazement at what was going on, it seemed so normal and no one seemed to be fazed by it. We watched like everyone else as a blonde woman lay on her back as men lined up to fuck her. Other women were going around getting the men erect to service them. It was here that a young woman came to me, took hold of my cock and started to suck me, Kate smiled and as she did a guy took her hand and led her to the centre of the room. The girl being fucked got up, he pulled Kate forward on to the mat, forcing her to go on all fours. When she did he placed his cock in front of her, she looked at me for my reaction and I smiled and nodded, as we had often fantasised about this very thing. So Kate sucked his cock, and as she did another guy shoved his cock in her pussy and started fucking her. We didn't know that any woman in there has given consent to be fucked, not that Kate minded, she is very beautiful with a very sexy body and she loves sex. She got really into it, sucking cocks, wanking some and being fucked by many. She was fucked by so many men that night, young, old, black and white, big cocks, fat cocks, she took them all. I was ushered along in line to fuck her too, she didn't even notice that I was fucking her, her back was covered in cum and her mouth full of cock. After a while another girl appeared and she took over, a guy in the lineup followed Kate and asked if he could fuck her as it was her he was hoping to get up on, Kate was flattered and took him into a room and gave him a good seeing to. We really don't know but I reckon about 25 guys fucked her, as many more came on her and she sucked most of them. It was an amazing experience, one that we will relive and have great sex thinking about.