Written by Paul and Susan

10 Jun 2017

Susan and I are 29, married and have no kids yet as we want to experience life before we settle down. Susan is a real head turner, tall with dark hair, nice big tits and a great arse, she likes to keep a patch of hair over her pussy, but it's always trimmed. We wanted to have threesomes, but Susan is very shy and reserved as I'm the only one that ever got the whole way with her. We found swing4ireland and started to explore, we grew more confident and got in touch with some couples and single guys. Susan finally agreed to have sex with another man, but wanted a married one so there would be less chance of attachment. She also wanted someone older and mature, so eventually she decided on Frank and Sandra (not real names of course), they were mid fifties but seemed good fun. All was arranged but on the day Susan got cold feet, after a lot of talk she said she was worried about me with Sandra and shy about being with Frank in front of us. So as I was more eager for her to get confidence, we decided she and Frank would go up alone and Sandra and I would stay in the bar. Susan agreed and Sandra assured her she would enjoy it. Sandra is really nice, great mature body, and very flirty, she told me Frank was a very good lover and was extremely well hung.

As we drank the action was starting in the room, Susan said she was really nervous and shy but Frank took complete control. He kissed her passionately and felt her body, he kept telling her how young and beautiful she was. He stripped her naked and said "wow, what a body " as he slipped a finger in her pussy. He pushed her back on the bed and started to eat her pussy, she felt guilty as she came immediately, he told her to relax, it's what she was here for, to be serviced and pleasured. She said she was turned on and feeling guilty all at once but Frank was not going to miss the opportunity to fuck her. He stripped off to reveal a massive cock, thick and long with veins starting to swell. He ordered her "Susan, suck my cock, get the old boy ready to fuck that young pussy of yours ". She is good at giving head but said he was much bigger than anything she had seen before. When it was fully hard Frank laid her out, spread her legs and got in position to mount her. He put his cock to the entrance to her cunt and slowly pushed until he was balls deep in her. Susan had just taken only her second cock and her head was spinning, so many emotions, guilt, excitement, and she was only now starting to relax. I was feeling my own emotions too, here I was sitting at a bar with an attractive milf, having thoughts of fucking her and we are talking about how her husband is getting on fucking my young wife upstairs. As it was he was giving her the ride she needed to get confidence, Frank was sucking her tits, kissing her, all while steadily fucking her pussy. He also kept assuring her, "Susan you're so sexy, your pussy is so tight, I love fucking your beautiful young pussy". He got her to straddle him, fucked her doggy style before asking where she wanted his load. Susan said inside her and she wanted to feel his cock. So he pulled off the condom, put her on her back and mounted her again. He stretched out her arms, clasped his hands in hers pinning her to the bed, he was kissing her and he started to speed up the rhythm, he kept kissing her and she felt his cock spasm and hot spurts of cum flooded her pussy.

They returned down and we didn't discuss it other than to say we will meet again soon and see what else might happen. That night we had the best sex ever, I went down eating Susan out, I could taste condom and sex, Frank had fucked the same pussy only hours before, well I fucked it too and again in the morning. I can't wait for next time, as I'm going to get to fuck Sandra then.