Written by TKMax

3 Apr 2017

Its been a while since Sara and I have gone away, but we did so recently and had another crazy night. We ended up with 3 young guys from a stag party, they invited us back to their hotel and as we were drinking Sara was flirting with them so much, I could see she was getting turned on and the boys weren't sure if she was serious or not. She had told them that she would fuck the guy with the biggest cock, they didn't believe her but she said let's go up and see. In the room the boys were nervous and not as cocky as before. " ok then, show me what you got ", Sara said, Barry was about 24 and was the first to go, he dropped his trousers to reveal a rapidly growing cock, he was cut and had a massive head on it, he started to wank it. Sara said "that's nice Barry ", then she knelt in front of him and took over wanking it. She put the head in her mouth and started to suck him for all she was worth, as she sucked she was wanking his shaft and caressing his heavy balls, then he groaned as he came in her mouth. Sara got up and said "who's next?", Tom got his out and got the same treatment, after that she gave Paul his go. When she was finished it was obvious Barry had the biggest cock by a distance, Sara stripped off and gave them a show, then lay on the bed with her legs spread wide, "right Barry, as promised, it's all yours ". Barry was getting hard again, he went down on her and gave her a good eating until Sara said "I want it in me now Barry ". He climbed on top of her and eased the massive head into her and slowly pushed it all the way in, fucking her slowly. I said "cmon, leave them to it", and we headed down for afters. Sara said Barry fucked her solidly for the next hour, taking her in many positions before emptying his load deep in her well fucked pussy. They joined us after and we had a good laugh about it all, it was a wild night and one I'm sure we'll repeat again.