Written by tomirs

5 Jan 2011

Hello?' Popped up on msn yet again and I cant help put smile '¦,

How's your day been babe ? I ask as I lay back on my cushion and pictured your smile '¦.

Good babe '¦'¦So what you at hun anything interesting ? '¦'¦.He asks '¦'¦.

LOL '¦. I reply '¦.just relaxing babe and dreaming off you ..LOL

He replies with '¦.Smiles and kisses '¦. Hmmm want me to call you ..

Why I ask '¦'¦with a smile

Oh because is good enough '¦'¦chuckle '¦'¦. just to hear your voice '¦'¦'¦, he replies '¦

Ok babe '¦I reply '¦'¦.. and turn my phone on and wait to hear his husky voice on the other end '¦'¦

`hi babe' '¦'¦. Darn he cant even make me shiver over the phone

` Hi babe again '¦'¦.

Laughter as a reply he is in a good mood today '¦'¦'¦

`So tell then what's the because for' '¦.I say with a smile in my voice

`Because is good '¦'¦ and Hmmmm just wanted to '¦'¦.. There was a light, tone in his voice. What was he up to? I was curious to know. '¦.. `want to get your toy there babe ?

`Hmm why babe '¦.I ask '¦not sure as what to expect

`Trust me hun! Just'¦do as I say.' Now his voice was somewhat comforting to me.

I shook my head, although he could not see this. `Yeah'¦I do trust you babe '¦.put '¦..,'

`Come on, just do it'¦for me,' he coaxed.

`Ok '¦.,'. Shivers at his tone '¦..

`I want you to take you clothes off for me babe '¦'¦ He demands in a that husky tone that says so much more ,

I rolled my eyes. `Ok..' I set the phone down for a minute, and took off my jeans in one swift motion. My legs were shaven, and I felt the coolness of the air on them. I shivered slightly and picked up the phone. `They're off. Now what?'

`Your knickers, hun'¦oh, and while you're at it, take off your T-shirt and bra. You will not be needing those.' He sounded gentle, yet somewhat a little commanding. I liked this.

`Ok.' Once again, I set the phone down on the bed. I threw my shirt to the ground, and unhooked my bra. There I stood, naked in my room. I glanced down to look at my breasts and saw that my nipples were already starting to get hard. I felt cold, and wrapped my hands around my naked body for a minute before once again, picking up the phone. `Back , hun '¦..I reply almost in a whisper ` Now what do you want me to do?' To my surprise, I found myself getting a little turned on by him talking to me like this. I was looking forward to what he had in store for me!

`Take the toy out hun . When you are done with that, lay on the bed with your legs spread apart'¦'¦are you liking this hun?' Oh damn, his voice sounded husky and sexy.

`Yes,' I answered softly. I did as he told me, and took the toy out and left it beside me. I laid on the bed with my legs spread apart. I could feel the air teasing my pussy lips. I was getting a little wet by the strange sensation, and took a slow, deep breath. `H-hun now what?'

`Start playing with yourself, a little. Get your fingers on your pussy and start circling it slowly not touching your clit .'

My left hand slowly slid down toward my sex. I place an index finger on my pussy and started to rub every so softly. I squirmed a bit and let out a light gasp of pleasure as I felt myself tingle. I bit my lip and arched my back a little. These feelings were wonderful and somewhat new to me. I never did anything like this before. So far, I was loving it! `Babe'¦'¦..,' I breathed.

`Oh baby, you sound so sexy,' he commented huskily. '¦.`Keeping rubbing that clit of yours, hun.' a little harder now hun '¦slipping your fingers over your clit and slowly in and out off your sweet tight pussy for me two finger babe in and out slow and deep '¦'¦again and again

` MMMMM hun '¦.shivers deep inside

`hmmmm babe take you fingers out now and rub your pleasure button for me and don't stop '¦'¦

`God babe '¦'¦ I whisper back in-between trying to breath '¦

`Do it for me babe '¦.. he demand in a deep hushed voice '¦'¦. Do it for me '¦

I continued playing with my pleasure button and let out a moan. I felt a great sensation building inside me, almost as if as I was going to burst into a heap of ecstasy. So hot and so good I try to told the feeling for longer '¦.put `B-babe,' I gasped.

`Cum for me,' he hissed. `Cum now babe let me hear you let go '¦.

I could feel excitement building up all over my body. I rubbed harder , faster and faster and closed my eyes tightly. I felt my body shake and writhe with pure pleasure. I let out a moan as I let the amazing feelings take control of me. `Oh yes,' I breathed. I sighed and laid in silence for at least a minute or two, enjoying the feeling of happiness and peace wash over me. `Hun did I just.. On the phone '¦..Ohhhh?' My voice was a mere whisper.

`Yes'¦yes, you did,' he said quietly'¦ I could feel the soft smile in his voice. `We are not done yet though. There is one more thing I would like for you to try'¦do you have your toy?'

`My toy..,? Oh, yes I do!' I grabbed my rabbit with one hand. `What do you want me to do with it?' I was looking forward to what he was going to command me to do next. I wanted to feel more of this'¦pleasure!

`Put the toy between your legs.' It was a simple command, although somewhat stern.

I marvelled at how turned on I was getting just at the mere sound and tone of his voice. I did as he directed me too and almost shivered in anticipation. `What now?' I sounded almost too excited.

`Put the put the tip right agents your pussy lips babe.'

Without hesitation, I did as he asked . To my surprise, I felt the need for more, and shivered a little. and bit my lip.

`babe '¦'¦. Mmmm now what ?

`push it all the way in .. hun '¦ in one go '¦. right to the end '¦..now for me '¦..

Ohhhh god what a feeling '¦'¦. Cant help put moan wanting more ,

I could feel my pussy clenching on the shaft. The toy felt almost perfect, and full in there. `Now what? Can I turn it on?' I wanted the sensations the toy would give me!

`No, not yet! I want you to fuck yourself with it first, baby. Do it now hun'¦for me.' I can feel he was turned on , and it was turning me on.

I started to fuck myself with the toy, going slow at first. I quickly started to love to the feeling of the motions. I wanted more. I wanted to turn the toy on. I could feel my pussy getting wetter, and felt myself getting more aroused.

`I want to turn it on'¦'

`Keep fucking yourself baby,' he cooed. ` In and out hard and fast for me babe for me,' '¦.

I moaned in response and kept on with the in and out motions. The toy was getting slick with my juices. I gasped and arched my back. `M-m-more hun'¦please,' I begged.

`Turn on the vibrating feature first.'

I fumbled around with the toy not able to concentrate , trying to find the button for it. I accidentally pressed the wrong one, and felt the shaft rotating inside me. To my delight, I gasped and groaned, enjoying the feeling. I fumbled with it some more until I found the button that makes the prong on the rabbit vibrate. The vibrations were directly on my clit, tickling it, and teasing it. `Oh g-g-god,' I managed to say with excitement. My voice sounded almost dark, and husky sounding. `Th-this feels so'¦.good!' I moaned once again and writhed on the bed with pleasure.

`That's it baby,' I hear you hissed. '¦..' tease your beautiful breast for me with your free hand babe '¦..

Use you pussy juice and circle and tug gentle on your nipples '¦.

`ohh babe mmmmmmmmmmmm that's so good ,''¦ I say in between a low moan ,

`I want you,' I whispered and gasped. I arched my back once more. The sensations were all to much! The vibrations on my clit was great, and the rotation of the shaft in my pussy felt amazing . I needed some release! I could feel the pleasure building up inside of me..

At the same time, I could hear you telling me

` Let go , cum hard , for me babe ,' '¦'¦put I couldn't reply or even breath '¦.

Bitten my lip and trying not to cry out with the pure pleasure I am feeling '¦put I have to let go as I hear you tell me that you want me I cant hold back I feel my heart beating out of my chest. My body feels as if it is tingling all over the place. It was all too great. I was going to burst! My pussy so wet and hot and tight now , In a fit of orgasm, I came once again, pussy juice running down my inner tight , my pussy so tight I can hardly feel the vibe move . I gasped with excitement

Minutes that seem like forever pass , I sighed with my eyes still closed . I don't want this feeling to end. I felt'¦completely relaxed, and at ease. I feel'¦ free! `That was'¦amazing,' '¦`your amazing mmmm ,''¦I managed to say, after five minutes of silence.

`So are you babe '¦.so good ,' you whisper over the phone.

Then he chuckled. `You see , I told you Because is good '¦..'