Written by Des

24 Jul 2020

My wife and I have been together for 12years. Extremely happy I would say. My wife is a fitness instructor in her pass life and is now a stay at home mom. I would be a very attractive man, I done part modeling in my teens and early 20s and I've continued to workout and maintain my shape, that's mostly down to my wife. I started to get addicted to porn a few years back mostly films where a guy is sitting watching his wife get fucked I have a very small cock and I started to obsess about my wife taking a bigger cock. Once I'd think about it I'd masturbate and cum within a minute. To cut along story short I begged her to do it with someone but she wouldn't hear of it. I found this guy on the internet and decided to meet him I showed him pictures of wife and gave him lots of information on her interests. We then decided he would bring a female companion posing as his wife to a hotel where me and my wife where staying. I booked the hotel and myself and the wife headed out for dinner and few drinks I left 3bottles of wine in the bedroom. I tried to get as much drink into her before we got back to residents bar. I was literally shaking. We sat down and got a drink and without fail my special couple joined us and of course the wife had so much in common with my internet friend. We headed back to the room and started into the wine. My internet friend and his fake wife managed to convince my wife to play spin the bottle. I was up first with a kiss from the fake wife then my wife got to kiss my internet friend. At this point the fake wife made an excuse to go back to her hotel room for a minute. We continued to spin the bottle and when it landed on my internet friend his dare was to lick my wife out. She through me a look but he was very quick before she could think it through he was already taking down her knickers. He lifted up her dress and pushed her legs in the air and started to go at her pussy. I could tell my wife was getting into it as she pulled her dress over her head and took off her bra. My internet friend stood up and took down his jeans and took his shirt off all that was left was his boxers now I knew what was in there he'd sent on the pictures. My wife sat up with her head directly in line with cock if she'd only take his boxer's off but she wasn't moving so my internet friend took them off himself and took her hand and placed it on his dick she started to pull his foreskin back and forwards my friend was at full tilt now at least 8inches, he took complete control from here on in. He didn't ask my wife anything he moved her into each position he wanted he started fucking her mouth, at times I was going to intervene as she looked uncomfortable with him trying to get as much of his dick into her mouth as possible he then bent her over doggy style she never made a sound she just grabbed the back of his leg as he pounded until she let out breath as though she had been suffocating for the past 15mins. I knew she had cum. I was masturbating the whole time I'd cum twice already. My internet friend put my wife through as many positions as possible. He had her on her side with one leg in the air and was giving her a proper pounding and he said to her I wanna cum in your mouth I stood up and said no way but he took out and grabbed my wife's head and started to blow his load in her mouth. My wife swallowed it and started to lick his cock clean. When my wife went to the bathroom I asked my internet friend to leave but he said no and if I made a fuss he would tell my wife everything so I slept in the chair, my friend slept in the bed with my wife. The next morning my internet friend asked me to get him a coffee and a diet coke. He promised he would be dressed and ready to go by the time I was back. But as I got to the door I could hear the heavy breathing and the bed rocking I scanned my key card and opened the door my wife was on top fucking the internet guy for all she was worth they ignored my presence as the changed position through the fucking and sucking he eventually came inside her in the doggy position he then took out his rod and put it about a half an inch from my wife's mouth cum juice still visible around head of his cock, ''you know what to do'' the both of them looked at me as she sucked his cock clean he also slapped her 5 or 6 of the hardest slaps you'd ever likely to see my wife's ass was raw after the 3rd slap she stopped sucking her cock as her whole body was rocking for the force. He then got dressed and headed for the door '' your wife spreads her legs and takes big cock like a porn star'' ''fuck you'' my wife shouted at him. He laughed as he left. Me and my wife spend a month or so fighting over that nite. She blamed me for everything she did that night. But we got through it but on couple of occasions when she got drunk at friends house's I noticed her flirting with the other wife's husband's. This came to a head when we stayed over in our very good friends house, we all got drunk and headed to bed but I woke up to the sound of shouting in the middle of the nite and my wife not in bed I went down stairs only to see my wife using her arms to cover her naked body as our best friends wife was screaming at her. She had only walked in on them while her husband had my wife bent over the couch fucking her. That episode didn't break my wife new found love for cock. She's out most weekends and has sometimes gone to the local for a drink with her friend on a quiet Tuesday nite and not come home. She arrive up the driveway around 9 or 10am and straight into the shower. After she would leave the shower I have often gone in and examined her clothes. On one occasion her knickers weren't there. Not sure who she is now.