Written by mrs cpl

8 Feb 2015

sat afternoon ...july sun shining so warm....we have friends over for a bbq,alex is from the states and is so sexy he is with one of our friends they are just friends.......we hit it off right away and flirting was so easy.we were all drinking and having a laugh and hubby seeing the flirting gave me a wink as if to say go 4 it...i was wearing bikini top and shorts ,hubby said he was going to walk to the village to get some more wine giving me some time to play.

i excued myself from the group to prepare the salad i could see everone from the kitchen window as i chopped.....kitchen door opened it was alex"need some help" mmmm i thought for a moment yes i do......he waled over and said can you see everyone,yess i can ok well keep looking make sure they dont move......he got down on the floor lifted my left leg and got bewteen them sitting with his back to the presses,he reached up undid my shortsand pulled them down exposing my freshly shaved pussyi stepped out of them as instruced,he was drinking cold cider and he placed his tounge and lips on me i nearly came right away,he was licking me as i looked out at my friends,it was an amazing feeling i new i had to cum fast and it was not a problem mmmm a finger in fuck he was good my legs spred wide now i was holding on to the counter.he tells me to open my top and play with my nipples ,,,,i doas im told this only speeds up the orgasam,,,,,,,,its coming i can feel it building up and in one last thrust of is finger i explode omg i came so hard forgetting about our friends i scream OH YES and riding his face for the few seconds i open my eyes and relax wow it was so intence,alex gets up hands me my shorts and top and goes back out to the group im soaking but dress and bring out fresh drikns as if nothing had happened

i love bbqs