Written by Bedtimebaby

7 Apr 2012

The winter nights were well in and it was the annual barn dance time off year …Yes lads that means hay and oh so much more if your in the right barn ..Dressed in a denim mini and off the shoulder white top knee high boots and the every so sheer hold up I head off for a night off dancing and fun …Sure what else would a girl do in the country ..

As I entered the bran I meet up with some girl friends and as we got to the good gossip as the music started up ….was going to be a howe down tonight and us girls weren’t going to be left sitting in the corner …jumping up we hit the sawdust floor with a 2setp oh yes we can do it all …sure girls just want to have fun and what the hell we are young and free and god knows we are on the hunt to talent …

It didn’t take long to spot some either ….. Darn that Blake lad is more than an eye full and id bet more than a hand full to whisper Anna to me as we pass down along the bar to our drinks …looking slightly back over my shoulder I had to agree put in knowing him I knew him to he shy and quiet type and tonight I wasn’t in the mood for the quiet type … then again never say never is a motto to live by ,Put he sure looked the part …black jeans , tight in all the right places , black shirt with god help me pop open buttons and that smile that says the devil lives in me come play lol

Ah sure a girl can dream cant she …ah sure ill chance a hello .. anther drink is in order and let the games begin .

Walking back pass Blake I brush up against him and feel the muscle off his arm across my chest . I turn and say sorry softly knowing full well he could hardly hear me ….as he leans forward so do I and cheek to cheek he asks how the night is going and I reply with small chat as I can tell his eyes are not looking over my shoulder ….sipping my drink I chat back and forth for what seems an age before the band starts a slow set and I steal a glace and our eyes meet …as if he can read my mind we head out on to the floor and his arms wrap around me as he pulls me close and we sway to the rhythm off the music .. I feel his breath on my neck as he lowers his head and when his lips touch me my head falls to one side …tingles off pleasure run though me …God I though he was shy …. Was I wrong … as hands move slowly up my back taking my top with them before slipping beneath to curses my skin with fingertips that seem to shoot pleasure down my spin …again and again they work there magic as him lips travel along my jaw and then slowly find my lower lip and start to suck it away from its companion ….slowly …softly … deliberately teasing me ..hands moving lower to my hip to pull me closer to his , I can feel his pride rubbing against me with each sway to the music and I moan softly in to this mouth as I close mine over his to fulfil the kiss he has been teasing me with … tongues darting …tasting …teeth nipping … deeper and deeper …lost in our own world as the passion flows between us now …hips grinding hips …bodies sliding against each other ,,,the need for more taken us higher with each breath …Pulling back slowly he whispers “not here “ and takes my hand and leads me across the dance floor and through an arch way to what looks like a shed …..

Having not been this side off the yard I was a little lots as to where I was until Blake turned on a light and it became clear we where in the stables .. I watch in silence as he lay a thick blank down over the pile off sweet smelling hay in the corner and beckoned me over …Slowly I did as bid ..stopping to stand in front of him ..his hands reached out and raised my above my head to wear a bean hung low “ hold on “ he whispered softly …my hands griped the beam as his lips slide down the back off my ear to my neck were the sensation off his tongue flick across my skin made we sway towards him … His hands landed on my hips and held me steady and he continued his exploration …Lips sliding to my collar bone ..nibbling soft skin before tracing a line the length off it sending shivers down my spin ..head back and eyes closed I can feel him hands sliding my top over tight nipples that respond to the night air with a rush off pleasure as I realise my arms are locked in place now and can feel wet lips moving along the side off one breast to finds my nipple and sucks it into and warm moist mouth were his tongue dances around it over and over as I moan softly with the need for more ,, teeth holding it in place as the pleasure and pain become one and can feel my pussy getting hotter and tighter with each dart ,,,suck ,,,flick ,,building the need for more as he moves to take a second nipple all the while his thumb torments the one he has just left as he repeats the pleasure on each in turn …as I shiver with need and I find myself begging for more he slides his lips down the valley off my breast and explores and teases every inch off shin to my hip bone where I feel fingers trace a line from one to the other before they travel down over my skirt and down my legs …feather like as if afraid to touch me …tormenting and frustrating ….down further to my ankles …where I feel him slip one boot off then the other and in doing so spreading my legs to place them either side off him knees ….hand sliding back up again ….slowly …. Tenderly …. Silently … up under my skirt to the slip off lace beneath … finger tracing along its edge ..one side then the other hovering as if letting me lead …. I sway gently forward and I feel him slowly pull the lace to one side and run his finger the length off my pussy as if tracing a path to remember before he follows it back to where he started …finger tips brush my tight throbbing clit before moving away again …over and over he takes his time …. Touching every nerve …making every since come alive and as one hand slides the slip off lace down to reveal a swallow pussy the other hand push my clit back making it tighter and hard and more reviled to him and as I hear him moan my name his mouth closes over me with force …sucking hard and fast …my body jumps and jerks to meet the urgency of his touch and he lifts my legs wider opening me wide to his touch , he pushes his tongue into the depths off me suckling pussy juices . . Lapping me as if he cant get enough …again and again …eating me with a lust for more …. Teeth nibble pussy lips …tongue slapping … lapping … scooping me before his mouth locks over my clit again and fingers a pushed hard and fast in my core ..demanding a response and getting one and my pussy sucks back and juices run freely down his fingers …over and over he fucks and sucks not letting me cum ..not letting me give in to the need I have to let go …and as his lips leave my clit I moan and beg for more …. And as I feel his lips kissing there way back up my body and his fingers still working there magic inside he raises to his feet again and in one swift movement fingers are replaced my a hard hot cock filling me to the core …slowly fucking me …in and out …..balls meet ass only to be taken away …so deep my pussy gasps and tightens trying to hold him there ….. Hand sliding up my arm and as fingers release my grip my legs lock around him and he holds me close …cock buried deep inside as he lays us down ,,,kissing me deeply and looking into my eyes before he starts to move again …my hip raise to meet his …taking him deeper wanting him deeper ….pussy clenching with each thrust as he spreads me wider and lifts me to meet him and my hand find there way to his balls and pull him in to me wanting more …taking more …. “yes hun “ he moans as I feel his sack tighten in my grip ..I slip my free hand to my clit and rub it as he watches and feels my reaction …pussy so tight he can barely move … cock sucked so hard he doesn’t want to move. .and as I rub and squeeze and pull , my hips thrust hard onto him again and again until I feel him spasm and as his breath catches I let go and we are sucked into another world as we spin out off control ..taking what each needs …fucking hard …deep …fast … to the point were we both explode and hold each other tight as the world shakes around us and we collapse locked as one …..