Written by roy16

12 Jun 2013

During the recent hot weather we were invited to a barbecue by a work collegue of my wifes. I know he's alway fancied her as she used to tel me how he flirted with her when they worked together first and got her to wear a school girls outfit for a fancy dress event they all went to last year. She says they never got it on but now that shes opened up to the idea she was keen to go to his barbie.

She got dressed in a very nice summer dress she just bought for our holiday to spain in a few weeks(which I'm sure will be interesting. Its a light flowery pattern short dress with a low cut from and back, very sexy on her.

We went of the event and I asked about him on the way and she syas he still flirts with her but nothing to pushy. I asked if she fancied him and she said yea he's fit but married. I asked if she'd flirt with him tonight and see what happens, she replied yea ok. We arrived and I must admit I was feeling a bit horny and all the ladies were scantly dressed for the hot evening and a good crowd turned up, about 30 altogether. Some we knew and some we didn't. We got a few drinks and started to mingle and I noticed my wife getting a little flirty with the host but he wasn't really reacting as his wife was present. Too my surprise this guys wife started speaking to me and after a short while and few vodkas, she was becoming a bit tipsy. We ended up dancing to the music and eventually my wife and her husband joined us which became interesting. After a few minutes with both girls a bit tipsy he whisper to me that he thought my wife was hot. I replied she looks good in that dress. he replied bet she look better out of it and laughed. i agreed and asked if he'd like to she her out of it to which he replied, that why I asked her here. I was surpirised how open he was about it as he doesn't really know me. I asked if we could have a drink so left the too ladies dancing toghether. I asked what his wife would think of that and he said she'd be fine, in fact she very bi and would probably like to play too.

I said I'd let him chat to my wife and see how she'd react. He went to dance with her again and thye got chatting. She came over to me after a while and whispered in my ear, he wants to fuck me. I asked do you. She looked at me and said if you want me to babe. I said OK I'll watch.

I left her to it and she danced with him again and i could see they were getting it on and his missus didn't seem to mind. It was now getting late and most people had left when he asked us into the house for a drink. We did and it wasn't long until he had my wife on his knee. his wife came over and started caressing my wifes leg and raised her hand up her skirt. my wife started to snog him. Soon the two girl were on the sofa with his wife sliding my wifes knickers down and going in for a pussy lick, My missus luvs that and she clearly enjoyed this one too. He was just watching put clearly aroused. She turned to him and started caressing his cock through his trousers and strted to undo his zip. soon his cock was in her hand and he lowered it towards her lips. She opened and strted to suck him slowly sliding his hard shaft in and out of her mouth. His wife was too busy licking her to pay any attention. Soon my wife asked her to move away as she wanted him in her and she lower onto his wife opening her legs and going in to give her a good licking out also. this meant her bum was raised and open for a doggy style which he duely obliged. He gave it to her gently until he cam and said in passion, I've wanted that for so long. I sat back and watched all enjoying what I'd seen.as soon as he got off her she got up and got dressed and asked to go fairly quickly.

we said good bye and left for home. I drove as I hadn't much to drink but she was quiet, I asked if she was ok and she replied she was worried about what might be said at her work and i persuaded her it would be ok. I was still very horny after the experience and in consoling her we pulled into a layby. In the beautiful hot weather we got out and sat on the car bonnet and soon she was all over me. I got her leaned over the car and raised her skirt and moved her thong to the one side and gave her an almighty fucking. She took it until I stopped and turned to suck my last cum as she normally does. An enjoyable noght was had by all and one were likely to revist.