Written by tomtom

2 Jul 2016

A friend came over to visit while my wife was staying with her family. I wanted to show him the town so we went on a bit of a pub crawl and ended up in the nightclub by the harbour. No sooner had i ordered a drink when a cheeky bird grabbed my ass while trying to get the barmans attention. She had a good feel inside my leg and ran her fingers over my balls. I was in shock...was i just violated?? This is going to be a good night, she gave me a wink as i turned to bring the drinks to my mate. He was out in the smoke area talking to some random dude. His drunk female friend turned to me and started going on about her free gaf, well stocked bar and a pockets of pills. She told me her friend was gay and how she wanted him to pull my friend and maybe me and her could hook up too. Next thing she's kissing me while groaning, making sure i knew i'd be in for a good time if I went home with her. As a married guy in his mid thirties it was hard to peel myself from a sexy 19 year old but my mate isnt gay and i'm doing me best to be a good boy for my wife. They went on their drug fuelled way and we started to get up to no good on the dance floor and soon enough its my friends turn to start kissing someone. I head out for a smoke. A girl asks for a light, i oblige, she turns to walk away, takes two steps, stops, turns around with a cheeky grin and kisses me. ..and kisses me more .. throws her smoke on the ground and pushes me back against the rail, one hand on the back of my head and with the other she slids her fingers in to my trousers, grabs hold of my belt, pulls me close and starts grinding her pussy on my cock in a non subtle "i'm grinding my pussy on your cock" kind of way. This goes on for a long long time, we are getting pretty steamy and i'm this close to fucking her right there and then. As everyone knows, you're not allowed to fuck in packed smoking areas but she soon had my dick in her hand, she's giggling, she wants in in her mouth. I look around for security..nope..all i can see is my dopey mate drinking alone with a sulky face on him. I tell my horny little devil that i cant leave my mate alone as he came all the way over to see me and he's staying in my house. She's asking to come back with me too and i realise i live with my wife, pics of us everywhere, her clothes will be all over the bedroom. Shit..i got to get out of this....start making excuses about my mate again. She says "you can both fuck me...please, i havent been fucked in months" So we head out, i tell my mate about the threesome and he tells me to fuck off and goes back in. She leads me outside. hand on cock the whole time, we're fooling around all the way down the road. I literally have her knickers coming down as we walk. She has enough, leads me through a gap in the wall and we make our way on to a grass patch out by the beach. I lay down as she slides her pussy down my cock. I could feel the tension leaving her body as if she was a heroin addict getting her fix. She rally was fucking gagging for it... a real dirty bitch and i was her sex toy for the night. "Your mates here" she says as we're joined by some dude who wasnt my mate but she had no idea and soon had her hand on his crotch . He took out his dick and she started sucking him off while fucking me. This was the kinkiest thind i have ever done in my life. But then he decided he want to fuck her too so he climbed on top of us and slid his dick into her pussy alongside mine. This was all new to me, i didnt really like touching dicks with some weirdo so i managed to crawl out of there. I left them fucking like crazy and i rang my mate and got a taxi home...with him and some youngone he pulled while I was gone. He had a great night with her while with i was left high and dry...cursing myself for not going further with my 2 new friends on the beach. All of this was a true story from the horny town of balbriggan