Written by 024ctg09

4 May 2011

one night me and my partner were going on a night out in another town that her aunt lives in, so we all got ready and headed out for a good night towards the end of the night i decieded id go back to her aunts house were we wer staying so her aunt said she would join me and head home as my partner was after meeting some old school friends so when we got back from the taxi in home i went straight up stairs and went to bed, after a while i was woken by the hardness of my cock i could feel it been stroked through my man thong and thought it was my partner but to my suprise it was her aunt , omg i was shocked as her aunt is a milf in her late 30s id often dreamed of fucking her as shes so hot !! so any way we passionetly kissed and had some oral sex ect and all of a sudden her husband had walked in on us and he started to join in the action, i was so turned on with all this i was ready to come so badly, he got down on his wife while i started to suck him off as i was very bi curious up untill this time, in the meantime i got a text from my partner syaing she was staying at her friends house so i text back saying ok night talk to you in the morning as im going to sleep little did she know i was fucking her aunt and uncle, so swe had the hottest sex that night he was fucking her in the ass i was giving it to her in her pussy we kept sharing and she was sucking me off while he fucked her next thing she pulled out her strap on and started to fuck me up the ass and later he joined in on fucking me it was the best night iv ever had and i was no longer bi curious after that night i knew from then on i loved cock, after a few hours of fucking sucking and playing we were all tired as it was early morning we all cuddled up in the same bed untill late that after noon, and my partner was none the wiser until hope ye enjoyed this as it was a dream come true that id never expected