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At my desk

"In the office"
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Published 8 months ago
This is from a few years back when I worked in the aviation industry.. My boss(female director) was already having an affair with one of the engineers, so we would cover for each other on lunch breaks.... I was seeing one of the lads - will call him Pete, he was single and very well toned. A bit small in the junk department but, knew what he was doing with his fingers... One lunch time I had asked Pete to meet me in the office as the two bosses were out to lunch.... He stood at my desk, my head the height of his cock... As I unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock through the zip it was instantly hard. I pulled it up to my lips.. Licked him from tip to base of his shaft. I love doing this BTW He starts to hold onto the back of my head and moving along with me. Fucking my face... Again something I love, One hand on the back of my head and one tweaking my nipple.Just as I am beginning to enjoy it he has to pull out and zip up. The male boss had come back to the office. Pete could move his cock although small was big enough to see he had been excited.... What a close call..

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