Written by Caz

22 May 2017

My hubby had been going on for ages about seeing me get fucked by another guy, I liked the idea but was reluctant to carry it out. We compromised that I would fuck someone on my own first, he agreed with that and I said I would try it. I went out on a Saturday night before an inter county gaa game when I knew the town would be busy. I wasn't in the pub long when I got hit on, he was a nice guy, older than me (32) but he and his friends were good fun. I spent the night drinking with them and when he asked if I would like to go to his hotel I said why not. I felt really excited, the thought of a new cock and telling my hubby about it was turning me on. After a drink in the hotel bar we went to his room, he started kissing me and feeling my tits, I felt strange, having been married and here I was letting this stranger grope me, but I was also really excited. It was electric, I responded to his touch and we frantically stripped off. I pushed him back on the bed and took his cock in my hand. It was bigger than my husbands, uncut with a big purple helmet. I greedily sucked it and he was moaning and telling me "yeah, that's it, suck my cock". He then took his turn licking my cunt, he was really good and made me come straight away, I pulled his head in close and thrust my cunt against him. He kissed me and his face was covered in my wetness. He went to put a condom on, but I stopped him, "I want to feel it inside me " I told him. He got between my legs and entered my cunt, it was uncomfortable at first, his cock was huge but I was so turned on, especially when I was thinking of telling my hubby. He started to fuck me hard and said " you're so tight, you're husband is a lucky man to be fucking this tight little cunt". I was loving it and coming again when suddenly the door opened and his two friends walked in. They said nothing and he just kept pounding his cock into me. One of his friends started to feel my tits, playing with my nip. Then he started kissing me. The guy fucking me started to groan and I knew he was shooting his spunk in me. I was flushed and out of breath, he got off me and I lay there with my legs spread. It was then I realised his other friend was naked and taking his place between my legs. He didn't say anything and I was on a high, my hubby wanted me to do it so did it matter if I had another one?. His friend just got on top of me and started to fuck me, his cock wasn't as big but it was fine. The guy kissing me stopped and I noticed him undressing, the guy on top didn't last long and came inside me too. The third guy put me on all fours and slid into my cunt easily, nothing was said, just pure lust and animal instinct took over. The first guy put his cock in my mouth again and I sucked him hard again. The guy fucking me held my hips and flooded my cunt with his sperm, as he was doing this the first guy held my head and I felt his massive cock explode in my mouth. If my hubby could see me now, on all fours, being used by three strangers, and spunk dripping from my cunt and mouth!! He wanted it and I can't wait to do it all again, and next time I want him to see me taking those cocks and loving every minute of it.