Written by TKMax

1 Jul 2017

I got home from working abroad for a few days last week and Sara told me of her latest adventure. Bill, the wealthy mature business man that is her fuck buddy when I'm away, took her to London for a few days. He loves it when the business men he is meeting think the sexy woman with him is his wife, it leads to lots of cock for Sara and great business deals. This time they met with an Arab sheikh, very powerful and wealthy and a dominant personality to match. At dinner things were going well, the Arab was complimenting Bill on his taste in women, it was obvious what he was looking for. Bill asked if he would like to share the night with them but he said no, he liked to enjoy women alone. Bill was taken aback by this but Sara said she'd be fine and was curious to see what it would be like. The Arab seemed to take pleasure from taking Bills "wife " for the night, and he took her to an extremely plush hotel. In the room he ordered Sara to strip naked, "very nice " he said, he then kissed her and plunged a finger up her wet pussy. He was dressed in traditional robes, he stripped naked in front of her and seemed proud of himself. Sara said he was a big man with a beard, a lot of body hair, a big belly but it was in proportion to what swung underneath it, a massive cock that was beginning to stiffen. He beckoned Sara to get on her knees, "please, enjoy " he said. Sara took the huge cock and started to work on it, quickly it reached full size, "yes, yes, very good ", Sara was holding his thighs to steady herself, he put one hand behind her head and was forcing the pace as he fucked her mouth. He started to massage his balls with his other hand, she felt him tense up and then he exploded in her mouth, he held her head forcing her to swallow his seed. "Now, your turn " he said, laying her on the bed, he spread her legs and started to eat her pussy, it was strange for her as his beard was something she's not keen on, but he was a master of eating pussy. He stuck a finger up her arse as he ate her pussy causing her to have a massive orgasm. After that Sara said he stood up, he was hard again and climbed on top of her, his massive belly was pressing down on her but she soon felt the massive cock forcing its way into her cunt. He was keeping eye contact as he steadily and forcefully pumped his cock into her, he got her to straddle him, she held his large belly as she slid down the massive pole that was standing rigid. He played with her tits and all he would say was "yes, yes, very nice ". She came on his cock, her cum gushing out on his cock and over his balls. She was so wet now, he got behind her and easily slid into her, he had her face a huge mirror as he fucked her, he had a thumb up her arse as he rode her hard, he was moaning and talking his own language as she felt him shoot his seed in her cunt, bringing her off again. He fucked her again in the morning before taking her back to Bills hotel where they concluded the business, Sara had a time she won't forget and a gift worth as much as some people's houses.